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Yeah, games like Hearts Of Iron III, maybe something a bit on a smaller scale? If not I'll probably give that, and Europa Universalis 3 a try.

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But, Arma does seem to be quite interesting, I'm gonna go try for now.

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Oh, I'm sorry I guess I wasn't being really clear. I was thinking more of a turn based strategy game, thanks for the responses though.

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I want something on a scale of country. Where as strategic targets would things such as ports, large mountain choke points, ect. Does anyone know of such a game?
Edit:  Oh, I'm sorry I guess I wasn't being really clear. I was thinking more of a turn based strategy game.

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Yeah, it's fire+rock+steam(fire+water)+rock+fire and then space. Not as effective as you'd think it'd be unless it hits someone on the head. After the first time of being hit on the head, I've learned to always shield 3rd mouse after you cast it.

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I know right? It totally doesn't have any shooting qualities.

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@ep_driver said:
"  And just so you know, my complaint about the first Mass Effect is that gunplay was NOT tite. If I remember correctly, it had that RPG hit/miss type calculation when shooting. I wasn't aware of this going into it the first time and thought it'd be more of a 3rd person shooter. "
What? Not it didn't, and the gun play was great. The grenades could have been done a bit better, but that's about it. Honestly, the only real changes in combat mechanics between the two were the UI, the health system, and the removal of nades.
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@nirokogaseru said:
" What's RRD.  Do you mean RDR? "
Red Ring of Death :3
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@Damien: Nah, I'm just pointing out that there's people in a worse situation then she was, myself as the example, I've already gotten over it. 
@Meteora: I'm glad that things are going better for you. Wish you luck! :3

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