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As a Metal Gear fan I say, fuck yes... But..

Why was this PT longer than ground zeroes...: (

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Sixth batch. I think I'll do two more of these.

I got the second, and my buddy took the third. Thanks for your generosity, I look forward to playing.

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whatever the opposite of Pewdiepie is

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@bisonhero: If that thread were in the DOTA 2 forum, This event would not have occurred.

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Steam Link Here

You read it right folks.. TI4 on ESPN. Preview event on ESPN 2 and coverage on ESPN 3. What does this mean for E-Sports? For DOTA 2? Do you think this will catch any widespread appeal at all from the higher level of exposure?

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This is the only community i've ever been a part of where a guy asks for some friends and then


70 people reply in a day. You guys are fucking kick ass.

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Everyone else, add me! Kadash is my steam name! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984644124

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Can confirm significantly less stuttering, and honestly more consistent framerate on higher settings using these files, and the game looks significantly better

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Looking for one for my friend. He just got back from vacation and missed the cutoff date. can someone PM me an extra code?

Thanks Duders