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I actually sell cable for time warner for a living as a door to door rep... You'd be surprised at how many people are still buying cable for hundreds of dollars a month. I thought it was dying out - but it's actually quite the opposite. Also as a side note, selling cable is sick.. Working around 20 hours a week on my own schedule and making around 50K+ annually, it's definitely a profitable business.,

What actually surprises me most is that I sell more single play cable packages than solo Internet packages

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Just got my VinnCo shirt in the mail yesterday, Immediately ordered that Metal Gear Scanlon one. Thanks for the great products guys

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Thanks for the responses duders.

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That seems like a really messed up way to handle digital purchases.

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Hey Duders!

My question is simple, Lately I've been getting a lot more into the digital download game, and honestly it seems like the PSN doesn't always have the best deal on games. I use multiple sources to get my games on PC, and was wondering if there were any viable alternatives that cough up digital download codes at purchase. (As Amazon does not).

Essentially, I'm looking for a G2A style thing for PS4 (and yes, I'm aware G2A has some PS4 Games).

Does this sort of thing exist? Or are we primarily working with the PSN for all digital purchases?

Thanks Duders!

Edit: (The games I'm looking for are Madden 15 and Destiny btw, if anyone knows a good Sauce :D )

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@hassun said:

Looks like they have thoroughly cocked this game up before it's even officially out. If not from a gameplay standpoint then from a PR standpoint.


Yeah - I feel like they shot themselves in the foot for no reason on this one.

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Only survey on a site i voluntarily took.

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Congratulations. Spent $10 and get a new key..?

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As a Metal Gear fan I say, fuck yes... But..

Why was this PT longer than ground zeroes...: (