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So if this is anything like Max Payne 3 on PC (and I assume it is) yes, you've -to use your words- doomed yourself out of using all Steam functionality with the game. That is joining friends games through their Steam profiles and such. You'll have to start building up a friends list on Social Club which shouldn't be a big deal since all your friends had to make an account to play the game, even if they bought the Steam version.

What I don't get is that you bought a code from a physical copy of GTA V from an online store expecting you to download it. The codes from the physical copies of the game are entered post-installation (again, drawing from my experience with Max Payne). You wont have the installer if you don't have the disks or the Steam version, which downloads through the Steam Client. In my experience Social Club codes and Steam codes aren't interchangable. I've contacted Rockstar support about a similar issue regarding Max Payne 3 DLC where the code was purchased on Steam, but since my copy isn't Steam enabled, could not be used on Social Club. The thing is I don't know if this works the other way around, so I would try using the code you bought on Steam. If that doesn't work I have no idea, man. You might have been ripped off, unless Rockstar has some secret digital download service I don't know about where you could enter the code and download an installer.

The G2A Key is used exactly like buying direct from rockstar - you sign onto social club, enter key, then download installer.

I'll also say the game and key do work - It was more a question of friend connectivity

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On rockstar's site

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It's a retail box key, Not a steam key.

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And I was wondering if anyone else did this also for the pc version?

The reason I ask is because several friends of mine are currently playing with one another, and apparently the game is using steam friends list and etc to get them play with one another faster. By buying the physical copy, have I doomed myself to have to add all these guys on Social Club in order to easily transition into the games with them?

Thanks for anyone who may have any ideas.

Also, I didnt actually buy physical, G2A at 35 bucks too Stronk boys - but apparently it's a physical code.

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Anyone else experiencing super slow downloads with Origin? I have a 50 meg connection with my ISP, and usually download about 10mb/s from Steam.. Currently I'm downloading an update for Dragon Age Inquisition from Origin and its going a whopping 51kb/s...

I've never seen it act like this before, and was wondering if anyone had a solution.

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I actually sell cable for time warner for a living as a door to door rep... You'd be surprised at how many people are still buying cable for hundreds of dollars a month. I thought it was dying out - but it's actually quite the opposite. Also as a side note, selling cable is sick.. Working around 20 hours a week on my own schedule and making around 50K+ annually, it's definitely a profitable business.,

What actually surprises me most is that I sell more single play cable packages than solo Internet packages

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Just got my VinnCo shirt in the mail yesterday, Immediately ordered that Metal Gear Scanlon one. Thanks for the great products guys

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Thanks for the responses duders.

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That seems like a really messed up way to handle digital purchases.