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Doesn't seem like that big of a response to me, but I suppose not liking some tasteless jokes is enough to get some hate these days.

apparently so.

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No. there were a lot of mis-steps in the show overall, but the guy was a complete liability rather than an asset. The only people who seem to derive any pleasure out of the whole thing are those who actively dislike the premise of the show overall. Still when you're talking about a crowd for whom any game announcement is somehow transformed into 'PR shill bullshit' you've kind of reach a zero sum point where in all news is somehow to be resented (Oh my god how dare these developers and publishers tell me about these upcoming games of theirs!!!).

Was anyone honestly expecting Reggie to start talking smack about Xbone or PS4? Was anyone expecting Tim Shaffer to openly state how much Doublefine are paying Elijah Wood for Broken Age? Was anyone expecting telltale to say whether there would be sexscenes in the just announced GoT game? All of those questions and more just caused awkwardness, but none of them were ever asked with the intention of being answered.

I think in future they need firstly ensure they have a co-host who actively gives a damn about games and has a modicum of respect for those who make them. Secondly they need to only interview people who has something worthwhile to say. None of this 'we can't talk about that right now' non interview BS. Thirdly cut the dismal comedy skits, they were all terrible. Fourthly big up the actual awards. Rather than giving people a laundry list of nominated titles, go a bit more in depth about them in terms of explaining the premise and game play. Doesn't need to be super long, but just enough to paint a picture for people. 'Bioshock infinite: You play pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt who finds himself transported to Columbia a floating city built by the mysterious ....' Coupled with some game footage.

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@fisk0 said:

I think it's just a waste to buy something you'll (read: the people who won't wear it) never use. This means a lot of the donation money is getting wasted on production, shipping and taxes, when a straight up donation option would cut off the expenses for the staff, but with the same end result for the donor (donating Anna money, but not getting to wear that shirt).

Exactly. If you're buying a tribute shirt then the whole point of it is to be able to wear it. Buying something that just isn't going to fly in a lot of situations for a lot of people seems counter productive.

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I'd say a lot really depends on whether they've had Ryan's funeral yet. It's often the case when someone close passed that people need that formalized closure and coming together of family & friends in order to begin the process of slowly moving on.

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@orfbc said:

That really is unwearable. Maybe there could just be a donate option?

Agreed. I get the concept and think it's fantastic and succinct, but there's absolutely no way I could get away with ever wearing it in my social sphere, and buying a shirt that never gets worn and just sits in a drawer forgotten is not my sort of thing (not everywhere in the world is as relaxed about profanity as San Francisco unfortunately), and isn't really much of a tribute. Maybe a less aggressive design (I think someone elsewhere said Olly Moss's Ryan illustration would make a good T shirt? No idea on the printing costs on that though). Or just a contribution/donation option? You've got to think family friendly with these things.

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Nice summary Phoenix. I haven't been this cut up about someone I didn't know personally dying since John Peel passed suddenly in 2004. It just seemed inconceivable then that someone who was inherently part of the fabric of my adolescence like him was suddenly no longer there, way before his time. Like yourself Ryan and the rest of the GB crew have long been a fixture of my week for many years now. A welcome audio escape from the drudgery of a pretty mundane job at times into the world of games talk. A world were my real passions lie, and it's just hard to imagine that he's no longer going to be there there to share his out and out enthusiasm for everything from Saints Row, through to Arcade machines.

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Absolutely floored by this news. Condolences to everyone effected. Godspeed RD.

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Judging from what he said I get the impression that they're not necessarily dismantling their approach (with things like the friends sharing etc), more making it optional for those who want to subscribe to it. They're just moving from necessity to choice.

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Get well soon Patrick, but seriously quit giving John Walkers opinions credence, the man is a joke of a writer these days. His rant about David Cage's Keynote is so off base you have to wonder what exactly it was that Cage did to him personally to earn such vehemence.

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@Marz said:

well all i know is if they ever make a half life movie and Bryan Cranston isn't Gordon Freeman, I will already be dissapointed.

Freeman is supposed to be around 27 years old.

As regards this Abrams/Valve team up...I'm not seeing much ever happening out of it. I get the impression Gabe Newell doesn't really know what to do with all his steam money and is rather half heartedly looking for opportunities to diversify given Steams vulnerability (steam box looks unconvincing as a console competitor in truth) and Abrams is already spreading his modest talent way too thin by taking on Star Wars on top of Star trek. The whole reason Lost turned into a nonsensical mess was largely in part to the fact that Abrams started the ball rolling in season one and then just left Lindelof & Cuse to figure out what happens next, whilst he just picked up a regular exec producer cheque and got into movies. Appealing as 'the mystery box' idea might be to a writer, it's pretty unsatisfying to the viewer/reader if over used ad infinitum. Abrams commitment to anything Valve is always going to come behind Wars & Trek.