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Believe me they have heard plenty, and many have asked if their will be an update to netcode in a patch form.

With it being a holiday weekend, we could hear a response sometime next week.

And some of you folks are a bit harsh, breathe, don't stress over it.

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Working out different teams.. thus far Mature, King, and Mai / Kyo, Vice, Elisabeth / Leona, King, Benimaru

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And here's a bonus article I'd like to share with GB.

* Boss matches can go in this order, Billy Kane, Ash, Saiki, and final boss (can't give away who it is)

** Teams can be freely selected in arcade mode, but in story you are set by a pre-set list of teams only.

*** Billy and Saiki are unlockable, but you must meet requirements. Ash is there from the start. (not sure which team could be on his side?)

**** Is there a special team? So far from other community sites it is unknown right now.

+ Gallery mode has a ton of hidden features, from art, to story mode cutscenes, and bonus videos. The more you play, the more items you unlock!

++ Customize is optional, depending on how many times you play a specific team or character. Plus Mission mode gives you rewards to your character of choice.

+++ Online mode works alright, its still undergoing some tweaking. But give it a try!

That's all for now! Au revoir

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So I took today off.. didn't want to deal with the madness of thanksgiving drivers. In the meantime, I caught up with playing more KOFXIII.

And its a solid game (even better than "shock!" SFIV?) Although I grew up with both series when they began. Just something about the designs that they've adapted just makes things too unexplainable. Plus I'm not honestly a fan of IV's Ultra's, they just seem a bit tacked on. KOFXIII is a different story.

King of Fighters XIII Review

Release date: 11/22/11 Worldwide

Dev and Publishers: SNK Playmore and Atlus USA

Online capable

PS3 and XBOX360

Let’s Get Started! -

Welcome to a new installment of KOF fellow gamer. This review will be covering many different aspects of the newest chapter in the long running series. From mode: to changes, and a comparison towards another series.

Show me your moves! -

KOFXIII brings in series regulars from Team Japan, to Team Iori (with two fellow ladies whom many fans will recognize). Taking a page from where XII missed its mark, XIII makes up for its losses and delivers an entirely different experience than past games. Featuring several bonus EX modes, including NeoMax, and Hyperdrive. In fact a lot of these concepts were adapted from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting.

For the newbies, this means that whatever move you use (as in special attacks) can double cancel, and include a secondary or third attack making it more powerful. In fact, some of the classic Desperation moves are now remixed into the Neomax (or Berserk!) moves. When used these attacks fill up the screen with colors that nullify an opponent’s ability to counterattack. (There are in fact, more than 4 different types of attacks, practice learning everyone’s skills) Plus it appears that the team member “switch on the fly’ option has been taken away. This was from KOF2k3, so at will you could change partner’s mid-fight. Now it’s back to the original setup of one-on-one until your opponent drops to the ground.

Press Start! –

There is a helpful tutorial available for newcomers, or classic players. At first the “jump” takes some getting used to, even the EX moves require you to take them to mid-air cancels. Keep trying, and you’ll get the hang of it. Within KOFXIII, every character has adapted with the new setup, but its also faster and no longer lags input. So every button press goes along with the players timing. For those button mashers out there, you’ve met your match!

Arcade – select your team, and get going!

Story – Find out why Ash took on this dark quest (includes the option of playing any team, and taking on all challengers throughout the in-game story).

Mission – Time Attack (obtain the best time while taking on opponents) , Survival, and Trial (master different move lists, and learn some new combos)

Gallery – Play through each mode to unlock some bonus goodies, from artwork, movies, and music.

Online – According to friends on the lovely interwebs, many have said mixed things about the online play. Some may experience good bouts with other players, or sometimes unplayable match ups. It all depends on players’ internet connection. Btw you can also setup a team ready to go for online matches.

And setup custom colors for your favorite characters. (you can also unlock more color palettes, the more you play that specific character)

Music to my Ears – The in-game soundtrack is a electric romp of sounds that KOF is known for. Plus some tunes contain remixes of past tunes, giving them a new spin. For those who pre-ordered the game, we were treated to a collection of four cd’s that contain tracks from past games. Featuring tunes in their original arcade sound format, and some with arrange mixes. The fourth cd is the track list from KOFXIII, and it is something definitely worth listening to. You won’t be disappointed with this awesome assortment of tunes.

The Long Road Ahead -

Overall, KOFXIII is an awesome game that must not be missed. Although it has some tough competition, anyone who enjoys 2D fighters should pick this one up right away. On the plus side, this is KOF in its finest form, challenging, fun, and engaging. You will not be disappointed.

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Welcome to the week of thanksgiving. But this week by far will be the most craziest. With several games out on Tuesday, and that day after Turkey day.

Thankful for my family, and friends this year has been rough and challenging at the same time. Gaming may be my hobby, but it helps take my mind off of schoolwork or feeling depressed, which I have been lately. I have a tough time concentrating, plus I haven't been feeling too well lately. Just trying to get my body back in gear for the days ahead.

I wish to everyone here @GB a happy thanksgiving week!

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Holy cow that's alot of catching up I have to do. I watched the first half sometime ago. Almost wrapped with Normal mode.

What I enjoy most about this game, unlocking items as you go. No DLC hassle, just pure gaming as it should be.

Wish more games followed this clever design, instead of the way things are right now.

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Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa definitely take some practice to use. But its a great aid in blocking a variety of on-set attacks. But depending on what you equip, it actually changes the defense level and how capable you are of defending yourself.

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Thanks for the heads up, I was thinking about giving those Time Trials a try very soon.
Wasn't aware of the in-game bug, wish we didn't have to worry about these things.