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I'll be up front.. I hate ME games, I don't really like Patrick, and I don't read text reviews. I get my reviews from podcasts and video reviews, that's why I'm here. The context and natural speaking about a game I find valuable and I don't get that in a carefully written review.

That said, I read every word of this 'feature', story, piece, whatever you want to call it. I found it very interesting and engaging and I thought both people made great points.

Back to me not liking Patrick - it's mainly because I don't think we have similar taste in games so he irritates me when reviewing games, but I do love his journalism so I'm not mad at you!

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I listen to a bunch of podcasts and I'm so sick of journalists discussing price.  Prices for DLC, prices for games, prices for add-ons, price per hour, ENOUGH!  Review the product for it's content, and if you feel the need mention the price, but leave it at that.  Each of us has our own situation and place value on things differently.  
I bought horse armor and never felt it was overpriced!  I loved it!  I played that game for over 200 hours, much of it on my horse and I thought I looked cool as hell!  Same thing with avatar marketplace stuff.  Buy it if you want it.  I don't go telling you you're wasting money buying $5 cups of coffee or cigarettes or anything else I find to be a complete waste of money and you shouldn't be telling me how to spend my money!  It's MY MONEY.  If I want to spend $15 on a 3 hour game like Limbo that's my business.  If I feel that a $15 game need to be at least 10 hours, again, my business
Tell us if the content is good, tell us how much it costs and how long it takes to complete on average.  After that, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT!  I can apply my personal financial situation to those facts/opinions.  No different than anything else I buy!  As consumers we constantly make decisions every time we buy something.  I might buy generic paper towels instead of Bounty because I don't care what I wipe my spills up with, but then I buy the quilted instead of the 1 ply because I do care about my ass!  If I want to spend $2.50 on a premium theme for my dashboard I will and if you don't - don't!
Simple.  Stop talking about it, it's you guys that are making this an issue when it's not.

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I didn't really care about this game, always avoided it in the arcade, but after listening to the guys hype it so much on the podcast I am looking forward to trying it.