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I really enjoyed the way Death was handled in Soul Reaver, having you shift into the spirit realm and having to feast on souls to get back was probably the most unique mechanic of that time. Obviously other games have done similar things now and its great to see games using alternatives to the infamous Game Over screen, though i would argue it is as important to some games as not dying is. As long as developers find a way to fit gameplay around it and make it integral they can do whatever they want ^_^

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Anyone who has been watching the Vegas live stream will be aware of the Primal roulette and Odin battle stuff that is making its way to the London event on Saturday. Me and one other member of my FC over on Ragnarok are going to be there and wondered, how many other folk will be there (regardless of server) that would want to join up for the events and the chance of winning one of those awesome t shirts. Even if you are not taking part in the events i think it would be cool to meet some of you guys so if you plan on attending and hanging out/trading tactics etc.

Anyone interested? I figured this would be good for people who couldn't get their FC to go with them, we can make a temp FC onsite, could be pretty cool!

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These things happen man, i was surprised to see the email as i am planning on re-subbing in December, then i was like "was i drunk again and spent money i don't have?" but thankfully just a small admin mistake. I like that you immediately put this up, that's some awesome customer service right there!

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Hate to be "that guy" but I have to ask, are you Bayonetta fans not terrified about how poorly it's (potentially) going to sell? Can you get the math to work?


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Nope, its a game i never expected a follow up to even though i loved it, the fact we got a follow up is a complete bonus to me so im considering myself very lucky to have the machine to play both of these great games.

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Not one for me, don't get me wrong i love stylised games with gore like Hokuto no Ken, Splatterhouse and Ninja Gaiden but in those games you are always killing things that are trying to kill you. I feel extremely uncomfortable killing unarmed innocents (unless its a Vampire game or something) or something thats not trying to kill me first, just the way im wired i guess...

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Not in the slightest, i work in IT in the middle of Glasgow, i am as far away from the outbreak as i could be and if for some reason it gets here i have 3 hospitals within an hour of this location.

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Yes and No, i like to be able to glance at review scores on my mobile if im making an instant buying decision and dont know much about the game, but i generally know if i want a game before i see any reviews. I hold the narrative in the reviews in much higher regard than the actual score, particularly GB's because its easy to tell from the good/bad points if its for me. No one should only look at a score, understanding how they reached the score is more important, afterall, a game one reviewer hates for reason x could be the exact same reason i would love it.

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Sometime it will run fine but i have had multiple instances of altered exe files being replaced by Steam with the originals when Steam realises its not the thing it should be. Its not going to break your game or anything but its a constant annoyance, you can tell Steam not to scan that game but you say goodbye to Steam achievements and it will show up as a non Steam game.

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The Comicvine guys have been talking about it over the last couple of months, Tony G plays it with his daughter and seems to really enjoy it whilst Matt is probably more of a gamer and finds it kinda dull. I think they both love that it exists but it seems to be very button mashy with not a lot of challenge (save for the boss fights) and its really hard to die because they made it insultingly easy. Let me just say, when i was a kid i played the same hard ass NES games that everyone else played and i did just fine, kids do NOT need games to be artificially dumbed down for them because of some perceived inability to learn attack patterns or solve puzzles, thats what difficulty settings are for.

That said im totally buying up the Pirates of the Caribbean ones, Jack Skellington, Mallificent and some of the Marvel characters such as Venom, Ironman and Nick Fury. I love to collect the damn things, will be all over the Amiibo stuff too when it comes out.

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I'm not a fan of her work as it's agenda based, often comes off as ignorant of the medium as a whole and narrow minded. She represents an important discussion poorly, in my opinion.

That being said: she does not deserve to be harassed for giving her opinions, text based abuse, verbal abuse, or any other kind of personal attacks. No one does.

I also don't deserve abuse for not agreeing with how she approaches the topic- so don't reply to me to tell me I'm using words that bother you and to complain about how I disagree with her. I've had that argument thrown at me so many times already, and it does not change my opinion of her.

100% agree, i have nothing good to say about her but the level of abuse and threats she has received is disgusting, i wouldn't expect to be torn apart for an opinion piece and neither should she. We are supposed be better than this, able to share different points of view and discuss them with others, i may completely disagree with something you say but in the end we should be able to walk away feeling that we got our point across without fear of retribution.