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I don't care what sex Link is in a game, i just want to play some more Legend of Zelda, its not like Lara being a girl in Tomb Raider ever stopped people playing that.

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I'm actually quite disappointed on the reporting of this whole tomb raider thing. It seems like everyone that reported on this, including here on giant bomb, reported the story as though this was for sure a lifetime exclusive. It would've been nice if in their articles, reporters stated that they were awaiting for further clarification or definitive confirmation about whether or not this was the case, as we've gotten now. While it is their job to report the news as it happens, on a story like this where there is much confusion considering how the statement was made at the conference, it would've been better to see the story reported as a possibility of lifetime exclusivity rather than a statement of fact.

I'm all for being patient with reporting the news, but there was nothing ambiguous about what Microsoft announced yesterday. It said it was an exclusive to Xbox One. That word has a very specific term, and Microsoft deliberately mislead people. Microsoft knew exactly what it was doing when it trotted out that term the way it did.

You cant really blame Patrick for reporting what was announced, sure some of the wording was flowery but it definitely said "exclusive to Xbox" so it was MS out there telling people lies to sway them into buying it on their machine. This isnt the first time they have done it either, they had an ad on Xbox live a few weeks ago claiming Assassins creed and COD where Xbox exclusives even though they had been announced for everything.

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Bad for me, i loved the the last game so much i bought it on PC and then on PS4 later when the definitive edition launched. I do not love the game enough however to buy the X1, it would take more than a single good game to sway me back onto an Xbox again. If it eventually turns up on PS4 or PC i will definitely pick it up but at the moment there is no Tombraider in my immediate future which does make me a little sad.

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Titan EX nearly broke my FC, when we finally defeated him we could barely believe it, then we met Leviathan EX and the cycle of pain began anew....i dont even want to think what Ramuh EX is like >_<

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I cant wait to see companies getting muted for streaming their own games, you cant make stuff like this automated, it just doesn't work. Everyone just needs to move to another service, clearly Twitch don't care enough to even try to fight for its users, it wont kill them but it will damage them.

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Ive lost Cats too, keep getting more and setting myself up for the inevitable heartbreak when they get old. The good thing to keep in mind is that whilst they are with you they are having a great life, they could be homeless running around eating scraps or with someone who mistreats them but no, he was with you and you took care of him and he was happy. Its the reason i keep getting more (got 4 at the moment), its sad to lose them but for every Cat i take home that's one less Cat having a miserable time and that's what gets me through the hard times.

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Okay, there's a good screenshot comparison out now and I gotta say... the remaster looks like shit.

Dammit Capcom why you gotta make me depressed like this...

Are we looking at the same thing? The remaster looks sharper and has better lighting, im not sure what you are having issues with, its an older game, its never going to look as good as current get but it looks fine to me.

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Also, whatever happened to Homer from GS? I remember him kinda lasting a long while after classic GS broke up after Kane & Lynch but he wasnt mentioned in this firing round.

Homer left GameSpot a year or so ago, alongside some other old time video producers like Tyler. Said he was working freelance now when I spoke to him at E3. Seemed to be doing well.

Homer was hanging out with the Comicvine crew during SDCC so he does indeed appear to be free lancing

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Seems like a terrible deal unless you are really into sports games, EA, one of the biggest publishers out there turned up to E3 with a half baked mode for Battlefield, that's it! I don't think we should be rewarding them by throwing cash at them, they killed Dungeon Keeper, Deadspace and TOR, hell even the last Dragon age was mediocre at best and look at the state of Sim City or Battlefield 4! Everyone has to make their own decision on value, if i played Madden or FIFA annually then id probably be into this but its an easy choice for me to just stay clear.

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I was hoping for more than just old Russia on earth but it depends on how many other planets we get to visit, seems like they will let us visit other areas as dlc. I'm not really into pvp, i will play it a bit for the gear but honestly, im not really good enough to compete and i don't have the kind of free time required to even get to that stage. I hope the co-op stuff is the focus, that's what i had fun with and its the kind of thing i would like to see them develop further. If it becomes nothing but map packs for pvp im probably going to drift away.