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Sony's online stuff is pretty wack. If your credit card address isn't absolutely perfect it'll reject it over and over again for what seems like no reason at all.

Yeah i needed to pay using paypal for the longest time, then one day my credit card just started working again...now i have a problem with my bank that if i buy more than 2 games in quick succession (like during a sale) my card gets blocked lol. Cant win...

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If they put Twin Snakes on there id be all over this! Its totally the anime version of Metal Gear and ive been called a jerk before so works for me ^_^

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Yeah i really wish we had some kind of ingame clan chat, its like they went most of the way there and left out one of the most important parts. Maybe they will patch it in later for the current gen versions?

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You can play this game co-op on the PS3 without PS+. Even with another person who DOES have PS+.

Not sue about PvP, though.

It only needs PS+ for anything associated with matchmaking, so the bigger raids and pvp, co-op is free on both PS4 and PS3 for the majority of stuff.

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So much for all the unique features Ubisoft promised for hacking via the WiiU gamepad. If Nintendo wasnt hurting for multiplatform releases they should just have blocked its release all together. Ubi want to be EA/Activision so bad, already got yearly iterations of games coming and a stupid Steam/origin variant. They better not ruin that next Assassins creed game...

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So good it doesn't need analog sticks. I would take a Saturn Model 2 controller over a fightstick any day.

Best controller ever! I do play a lot of fighting games though...

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I also feel like I should be more excited. The news that there may not be that many maps is slightly bumming me out, but hopefully it's still a large game as advertised. I really don't want to run around on that Old Russia map for eight hours.

That's my major concern, I'm really excited to play it again, i am not a Halo fan at all and yet i couldn't get enough of Destiny during Alpha/Beta access. If we spend all our time running around 2 or 3 maps I'm going to be super bummed, i like the crucible stuff but i am not a competitive player, i prefer co-op. I know Bungie have the reputation for telling great stories with compelling lore so I'm really hoping that makes its way into the game.

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PS4 for me, even if it looks identical i just want reasons to play my new machine over the old one.

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I'm all over this, didn't get an XL because it wasn't really an upgrade, didnt by a 2ds because...why the hell would? This is the upgrade i was waiting for, like the GBC to the original GB, no more messing around with that stupid circle pad pro add on when playing Monster Hunter ^_^

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Everyone needs to check out DD Hokuto no Ken (super deformed fist of the north star), it has been a constant source of amusement for me over the past few months. It isnt the best anime in the world, it wont blow your mind but it will make you smile and thats important too ^_^