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The worst thing is, it will sell well, it was the first Final Fantasy for a lot of people so they will buy it again when it hits PS4. I'd much rather see them release a disc with Final Fantasy remakes of 1-6 on PS4, dont even need to be remastered, just the 3ds, psp and ds versions that launched a while back.

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Seeing a dude playing a DS while leaving a library SCARRED HER FOR LIFE.

This is my favourite bit of the whole thing, i actually laughed out loud at work and then got "the looks" lol

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Caucasian-cis-gendered-male privilege!

Semi-joking aside, you answered your own question: they're talented dudes when they're not just being made mockeries of themselves. Charismatic, easy to listen to, every-men.

Pretty much this, they are easy to work with, are consistant and towards the end of the last gen they got well known enough that people will buy games to hear them.

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Never change, David Jaffe. Never change.

As silly as this all is, though: I can't hate Jaffe. He *did* give us Twisted Metal, and there's something weirdly charming about him being stuck in 1998.

I love Twisted Metal up to and including Black but this...just seems bad, time will tell i guess.

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A terrible loss but he lived a good long life and both directly and indirectly brought joy to a great many people. His legacy will live on for as long as we continue to play games, gone but definetly not forgotten.

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Having lived through console exclusives from the early NES/Mastersystem days until present, this does not bother me in the slightest, you either buy all the consoles and thus avoid missing out or you pick one and stick with it hoping that at some point you will get the game you want on there a few years down the line. The people giving it all "oh but it started out on all machines" crap, Streetfighter started out on Nintendo machines and this generation has not had a single game in the series, should we be jumping up and down about that? I have no sympthy for the sense of entitlement some people on here have, they made a business decision that makes sense to them. There isnt a single post that goes up here regarding Capcom that dosen't turn into a flame war with everyone proclaiming how terrible Capcom or how sick they are of the constant updates with Streetfighter games that they (have) to buy, well now you dont so why is everyone still raging on?

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If it means we get a working game that is less buggy and glitchy than....any other game that came out for current gen this year im happy for them to take the extra time. Seriously, its been pretty atrocious up until now.

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That's okay, I only had to play the beta to know I didn't want to drive cars that handle like they have three tonnes of lead weights in their trunks.

Yeah i was in the alpha on pc and beta on ps4, its just not that great a game, the ambition is there but the story and gameplay cant match it.

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It's unacceptable for a flagship first party title to launch in this state, no matter how big a fan you are of the Halo series there are no excuses you can make to justify this. Like Ubisoft and EA they pushed the game out far too early, without enough testing and they are now expecting those most loyal fans to sit on their hands and stick up for them whilst they try to fix something that they had to have known about before they launched.

I work in an IT environment and i see the same lazy excuses and post emergency patching ever other week, they claim to have done everything to ensure it would roll out smoothly but in reality they did the bare minimum to pass the checklist they have and then tossed it out with known bugs they intended to fix. It is happening all over, everything assumes they can fix things after release and that the users are idiots and will accept the same tired excuses over and over. It is time we stopped accepting this and started fighting back, if you as a Halo fan accept this kind of treatment over a port, you cant expect anything else when they release a brand new game.