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There is already a Deathnote movie, 3 infact! I prefer the movie's ending to the anime/manga version, no stupid secondery characters messing up the flow and L is around much longer. If you havent seen them try the first two movies (essentially the same movie split into 2), you can ignore the 3rd unless you are an L superfan.

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I rarely pre-order anymore, if i do its for something i was definetly going to buy, for instance Destiny or Bayonetta 2. If a company is making a game series i like or has thrown in some goofy physical statue or something providing i want the game i will usually bite. Given that i only do 2 or 3 of these a year now and its almost always for special editions i dont see the harm. Pre-ordering everything, especially games like FIFA or COD is damaging, they will NEVER run out of copies and the game is out yearly so you should never be paying £70 for a game that will be out next year with a better version.

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Great story Patrick! Its the kind of smaller feel good piece i wish we had more of, restores a little bit of faith in humanity. Kudos to the Skullgirls twitter guy/girl, they had a bit of fun with Hibiki and the chances are he will buy the game now. Its a good game, more people should buy it ^_^

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This game series really needs an HD collection with all the dlc included for PS4 and X1, make it happen EA! Im itching to play the games again but rumours of that new collection showing up are stopping me..

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Seems like a terrible idea for all involved, my PC has finally gotten to the point that it needs replacing so im buying everything up on console right now (mostly PS4) but one of the thrills i had last time around was replaying my old console games on PC with much better graphics when picked up from various steam sales. Towards the end of the 360/ps3 era i was picking up the majority of games on pc because even at medium medium/high it still looked way nicer on pc (the Darkness 2, Farcry 3, Bioshock infinite, dmc etc) and ran a lot smoother, i hope this isnt the state of things to come. Those with powerfull pcs expect (rightly in my opinion) to have nicer looking games, otherwise, whats the point?

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I dont hate football, i just find it as boring as hell, there is nothing at all exciting about it and even though we have several sports channels dedicated to it the BBC like to push it on normal tv too meaning everything else runs late or dosent run at all. What i do hate is the fans, not all fan, just most of the guys that live where i do, using Football as an excuse to kill each other, get drunk out their minds and wreck buses...

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Request submitted, psn id shin_kagato

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For some reason standby seems like the type of thing that will cause the console to wear out faster, since it's never truly off. That's my main concern with it. Kind of wish the ps4 had the ps3 feature that lets you set a time for the console to automatically turn on and get updates. That's how I would prefer to do it.

The reverse is actually true, the power up and down of a system is the most stressfull time for your PS4 and it is almost always going to develop an issue whilst doing one of those two things. I used to work for Compaq (many moons ago now) and we had machines that hadnt been turned off in 8 years still running, crazy but true.

I leave my PS4 on standby so i can buy games whilst out and get them to instantly download so i can go home and play them right away (usually when im supposed to be working), its also mega handy for updates and patches.

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I dont like Fez and i really dont like Phil Fish though its possible his scumbag persona is what made me dislike his game in the first place but i can no longer seperate the two. I watched the video, even agree with some of the points but he is an absolute coward who likes to shout controversial things on twitter and then run away so no one can argue with him, his arrogance and lack of any kind of respect for anyone but himself stops me from feeling anything but contempt for him. People like Fez and thats fine, i can understand that to a certain degree but how anyone can like him completely escapes me.

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Worried? No, most of the youtubers out there are just plain annoying, pewdiepie makes me furious, even his user name makes me want to rip off my own arm and hit myselft with it. The GB crew are fun to watch and to listen to so as long as they keep making content they will always have an audiance, i feel personally that the stuff here is for a wide age group but more for older folks like me whilst pewdiepie is for the 12-17 bracket (no offense if you watch him and are older).