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Dont call Square, use their online support, they will be able to action your request to get your old account back, they helped a couple of my friends do the same thing but the telephony support is a nightmare. You can change your race with a fantasia, you can either buy one or you can get one free with heavnsward or by being subbed to the games for a time, be warned, you cant change your name so if you have a guy/girls name be mindfull before switching sex. Im in the UK so i cant speak for the US folks time wise, i run into a lot of Japanese folk using DF on my server but not too many Americans but its a big country, someone is bound to be awake. You will get access to all content before 3.0 and any quests from 3.0 that are not based in the new zones, i recommend you buy the expansion once you reach the end of the 2.0 story line as you cant go to the new zones until you finish the main story all the way.

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Looks like we have a greenlight on EU payments, will get this done tonight ^_^

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I'm gonna wait, im a huge Batman man and i love the Arkham games but the Harley and Red Hood dlc was way too short, i really like the sound of the incoming dlc but i'm not paying the price of a full game for a few mins of play. If the first one is good i'll probably buy it, if not i'll wait for a deal.

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Found out about this last night as i was going to bed, suffice to say i did not sleep very well. Iwata was one of the truely creative minds out there, always trying to find ways to make things accessable to everyone. He helped show a boss could be a gamer, that a company could establish a personal relationship directly with its users, a thing we now see so much of thankfully. I'm really going to miss him, his charm and humour during all his presentations, his insistance on always speaking English and making the effort to allow everyone to understand what he was saying.

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@corvak said:

I'd go PC:

- Combat log parsers to gauge performance.

- Yoshi P. keeps saying UI mod API is coming.

- easy access to the internet for looking stuff up, and many FCs use third party voice (Skype/Mumble/Raidcall) instead of PSN party chat.

For controls, pick your poison, controller support on PC is great. For PS4 you'll probably want some kind of USB keyboard for chat functions.

If they catch you using Parsers you will get banned, be sure never to mention it via Zone Chat or to anyone you are not sure of, to be fair you should be able to gauge your damage output without it

You can use the internet browser feature on PS4 too, it loads just as fast as a pc browser and allows you to connect to all the same pages

Really the only real reason to use the PC version of the game is if you are looking to run at a higher frame rate or with slightly better graphics or i suppose if you really want to avoid PSN maintaince stopping you getting on. It does not happen often but when it does it is mega annoying.

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I'll definetly put some money in when an EU method is set up, with or without the shirt i just want to help donate something to the fund. Nearly teared up reading the first chapter on the page, can't imagine what she is going through having to work through that.

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Really want to learn Japanese and how to play the guitar but...id likely just end up playing video games like i always do lol.

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I'm probably in the minority but i really enjoyed it, definetly the film Terminator 3 should have been (at least in terms of dumb fun action) and took a whole bunch of the ideas from the TV show and ran with them. Arnie did a good job too, honestly unless you are going in there expecting the second coming you should be able to find something to enjoy.

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This is as close as we are ever going to get to Megaman Legends 3, it has nearly all the same staff so pretty much a no brainer for those looking to get that type of game made. The anime tie is a good idea, why launch a game when you can launch a world? Developers more than ever want to make games directly available to their customers, you can pay for this...or you can pay for generic AAA title from a studio that says it will give you a new one of these but instead continues to re-issue the old games on retro collection discs.

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I have a PC that can run it but i prefer PS4 just down to how easy it is to sit back and play. I play in a mixed FC of console gamers and PC gamers so we use teamspeak via our mobile phones, i also have a keyboard and mouse connected to the PS4 for random typing and stuff. I have noticed some weird PC type issues with my friends that i dont get, mostly centered around Primal battles and AOEs. Titan is one that has been repeaditly citied as an issue, basically he does a move called weight of the land that creates an aoe and 2 of the pc gamers i play with cant get out of them in time. I also had this for the fight back when i used to play on pc and it turned out for me it was an issue with my graphics card, the other two havent worked it out yet but are both on high spec builds and have totally different cards.

Its really just to highlight the point that though you will end up with a prettier looking game on pc you can run into issues that are down to random hardware configeration issues, ps4 version just goes.