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I wondered why i was constantly covered in blood! Never realised that was a gameplay thing, i didnt even think i had done anything all that evil....just because i kill everyone before i leave an area doesnt make me bad right?....right?.....

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Depends on the game, i can play the hell out of a Resident Evil game or something that has horror elements in it like Dead Rising or Deadly Premonition but i dont deal well with jump scares or body horror. I played through most of Deadspace but couldn't finish it because of the constant jump scares, i was unable to play anything past the first Silent Hill because of the body horror stuff and things like Siren, PT and Amnesia burrow into the back of my mind and haunt me long after playing. Weirdly i have no issue watching someone play those games via a quicklook or lets play type thing. I never used to be like this, i dont know when i became a whimpering coward but eh...im comfortable with it

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I've played that Ingress game that the devs made prior to this, it also inolves you walking around to locations and "capturing" them by pressing the screen, it is NOT a good game....its barely a game at all. There is zero chance that the AR stuff will be utilised the way it is in the ad, we might get a still image of the monster floating around but its unlikely its going to be animated. Im interested to see how this comes out but it just looks like a Pokemon themed Ingress right now and that is one hell of a dull game idea.

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@gaftra: The DLC added a difficult, massive dungeon(That reuses assets a ton. It's a bit similar to the Everfalls, but much bigger) with quite a few new enemies and quite a few larger/more dangerous versions of earlier enemies, with different enemy placements between runthroughs, as well as placing just a few of those new enemies in the open world itself. I think they also dole out the fast travel markers you can place and the stones you use to travel between them earlier, but I upgraded(aka: Bought Dark Arisen in addition to the original), and that resulted in me getting an eternal fast travel stone among other things. So it's difficult to judge how much simpler it is without that. The story for it, what little story there is, is a twist on what you learn during that original ending.

Only bad thing about Dark Arisen is that they changed the opening music to just the sombre piano music instead of sombre piano music followed by GREAT J-rock sounding music. And maybe that a few of those chimeras and cyclopses weren't exchanged for the other monsters.

Yeah i miss Bz's "Into Free", it remember letting it play over and over in the background when i first got the game, such a great song, since its effectively just an update and the original files will still be in there someone will find a way to re-instate it. I'm happy that this is coming to PC, ive already finished it on 360 and started it on PS3, might just hold off and continue on PC.

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Is anyone else bummed some joker named "Pequod" is your helicopter man, as opposed to my dawg, Morpho?

Miss my boy Morpho, running on PS4 so i have to choose out of the songs i have available ingame, Kids in America is a great tune since it starts off really quickly, Rebel Yell is also decent but takes too long to get out of its intro.

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My fan is mega loud whenever i play that or anything that has a lot of online content, i wouldnt worry about it, just the way it is with modern systems lol. I did laugh at the whisper quiet 360s they released a few years back, if that was whisper quiet i'd hate to hear a loud one.

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I felt the same, being trapped in a hospital barely able to walk (at first) with that big dude and the kid, it was crazy! I was surprised at just how much gore there was and watching the attacker in the reflection of the soldiers gas masks was a nice touhc.

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So i only got about 30% complete ratio in GZ (lost my save replacing the HD in my PS4 so had to start again) so if i upload what i have now, does anyone know if you can go back later and unlock more GZ stuff and re-upload the more complete save?

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I've got to say i totally agree, there are times when a character will say something to Boss, he will turn and look at them as if he is about to speak, wait a couple of seconds and then look away, im certain there was dialogue there but for whatever reason it was never recorded/applied. It just makes no sense for him to even look at the person and stay fixed on them for that long just to say nothing. The game plays well and the story is...fine but honestly, it feels like a chunk of the narritive has been removed and it feels really unnatural.

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Its been kind of hellish to play, no matches for up to 10 mins at a time, finally get on and the lag is so horrible that i can barely hit my opponent (looks like they are also having the same problem). Dont get me wrong, im greatfull to be playing it at all, just cant wait for it to be actually playable.