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If its just setting you are looking for Xenoblade, Chrono Trigger and Lost Odyssey and Final Fantasy VIII all have a similar feel to them

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yeah dont worry about about folk freaking out on you, those that play Monster Hunter understand that its a complicated yet rewarding experiance, no one is going to lose their temper with you for making the odd mistake. ^_^

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The game is pretty good but the difficulty is super uneaven, been stuck on the battle against Vegeta and Nappa for hours yet playing at my bros house i can have been able to easily get past battles following that one. Just takes a bit of getting used to i guess...still love how authentic it is to the show.

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I got in on the action super early and nabbed that access for the early bird price, i have zero experiance running a guild though so unless someone else someone else is keen to run the thing let me know what name you want and i'll reserve it when the the funding period ends.

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I havent played MH3U in a while but me and a friend have been looking to go back for some time, dont get me wrong Monster Hunter 4 is great but i miss playing on the big screen. I'm on the same time zone as you so hit me up if you want to run some hunts, i was at the end of the game when i last played but its been so long i probably need to relearn the battles and stuff anyway. My id is Kagato

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Really loving Chocobo Racing and Tripple Triad but i have noticed that as TT gets more popular the DF queues have started to get longer as a result. Double edged sword springs to mind lol.

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I had a pretty nigh on unstoppable Dark Magician themed deck for the longest time until they banned or restricted the majority of cards i used...but after looking at the rules only one of the cards i used is still restricted. I have no idea how to use the XYZ fusion stuff, need to pick up whatever the latest 3ds game is to teach myself before buying more cards (it will never let you make illegal moves so good way to learn).

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So..basically what Syfy tried to do with Defiance?

I've been enjoying the Walking Dead games and the first episode of Game of Thrones was good, from what i hear Borderlands and the Fables game was good and i really liked Back to the Future and Strong bad so its not like they havent got a good track record. Maybe the extra cash and resource will fix some of the perceived shortcummings.

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Loved it! The most experimental of the 3d Zelda games and one of the titles i had the most fun with.

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Chrono Trigger is the best JRPG EVER.

This! Play that then Bravely Default and Fire Emblem...at least thats three of the games sitting in my stack to play from last year lol