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I think this was expected by most people anyway, infact im sure it was mentioned half a dozen times when they released ME2. I will of course be sad to see the current crew go, but i dont want to see the guys ive grown so fond of be milked until they are themselves husks. Maybe they can have further adventures later, or maybe we will see some of them cameo or co-star later, im totally fine with a fresh new crew for the next game much as im fine with the roster change in the new Gears trilogy.

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Yeah id like them to be gone, replaced with points you can spend unlocking artwork and interviews etc.

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Technically i didnt actually have the baby, but my girl did lol. Well that was like 12 years ago so hes not a baby anymore, now that hes coming of age to start getting his own likes and dislikes hes gotten fairly good at video games which to be honest is all i would have wanted in a child anyway. I know its shallow as hell, but if i could populate the world with gamers i would.

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Totally respect your decision, your education and future career should always come first. I am in a position to renew my membership and i will do so, not because i want free member only stuff and not because i want to lord it over everyone who isnt a member, but simply because i love this site and i want it to keep going. Seems the best way i can do this is to support it so i feel i should, im sure you would renew if things where not so tight and im sure the site will still be around at that time so i hope youll consider resubbing at that time.

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@ the_chojin99 - Actually, we do now, they opened up a web portal based in the UK and are supposidly going to open stores in key locations....Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse than GAME lol

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The Gamecube remake of Resident Evil 1, you just cant beat the old haunted house feeling the original game had. I also loved Resident Evil 2 but it had already started down the action game route at this point and took away from the horror a little.

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@Buzzkill said:

I would not steal simply because I didn't want to support an asshole publisher. I would simply not support them, and the studio is the one who suffers.

This is my feeling on the subject, if i feel a developer has crossed the line i wont buy their game, why would i download their game when it has pissed me off like that? I have plenty of other games i can buy that wont frustrate me.

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I think this is a pretty smart idea, as someone whos been at the launch of many many mmos and witnessed the servers come crashing down withing hours due to massive overloads, im glad to see EA manage it in a smart way. I had my pre order in ages ago before the limited editions sold out so i should hopefully be in the first wave of folks logging in. I will be thankfull at that time that i will be able to play in a reasonably stable environment without lag, disconnections and crashing ruining my experiance.

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@Tim_the_Corsair - I thought Far Cry 2 was okay too, certainly wasnt the best game i ever played but it was fun, i may even get around to finishing it one day

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Regular DS games look fine on the 3DS, the only way you will notice a difference is if you hold a regular DS up next to it and compare the games. Since you dont have one you wont know the difference and to be fair, i have a DS and 3DS and ive put my DS into storage as the games look fine. The people who complain about this are the same people who complain that the arcade games coming out on new consoles dont have scanlines to make it look "better" etc