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Fun but Flawed 0

Like many others who have switched on Lionheads newest entry into the Fable series i am somewhat baffled.  The graphics have greatly improved, as has the voice acting but the whole "hudless" display with no clear option menu causes more problems than it solves.  You start the game off to some wonderfull FMV featuring a rather unfortunate Chicken before we are finally introduced to our playable and now fully voiced character.  The game teaches you the basics in how to hold someones hand and pull ...

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The Game that Rocked 0

 Brutal Legend is an odd game, it attempts to combine a number of different gameplay mechanics and to a certain degree it is a success.  In Brutal Legend you play the role of Eddie Riggs, a roadie for a lacklustre nu metal band who is transported back in time to a world ruled by heavy metal!The game game begins as a simple adventure game, you control Eddie from a slightly elivated third person view and can slash enemies with your axe.  The fighting is combo based and moves can be earned purchase...

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Holy Great Game Batman! 0

 I was as sceptical as the next person when i played the demo, found my self wondering how they could possibly keep the pace and quality up at such a high standard for a full game. Well im happy to report that the game does just that and a whole lot more.The graphics for starters are amazing, with the exception of Bat's cape (tends to get in your way when trying to take down enemies) everything looks first rate. Batman is well animated as he strolls around Arkham and when you take part in battle...

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Do not play alone! 0

 Castlevania HD is a strange title, its clearly aimed at online co-op play and is as much about getting rare loot as anything else, however, it uses assets and mechanics from a series of tradional single player action rpgs and it shows in parts.  To break it down to its simplist parts, Castlevania HD is made up of parts of the DS/PSX side scrollers, you can chose from the likes of Alucard or Soma and your aim is to get from where you are on the map to the nasty boss monster sitting usually in th...

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