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Wow, that's perfect timing. I was just about to go buy one this afternoon. We have an old 60 gig, but I'm going off to college and I didn't want to leave my brother without a PS3. That's fifty more bucks I have to play around with :)

$50 worth of hookers?
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Hopefully, this game doesn't follow the Crysis 2 path.... 
Now THAT was incredibly dumbed down.

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.... I want that Batman Beyond skin, and it's not even coming to the U.S.? 
I might just have to go feed the Best Buy rape machine or get the crappy Amazon deal... UGH.

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@monte said:
The people who started playing Team Fortress when it went free to play are just a bunch of little kids and teenagers who have no access to a credit card and can't buy stuff on line.
Wow, stereotyping much? That's honestly a pathetic and downright stupid generalization. 
You're probably a big fan of the game, why not support your opinion with a comment that has a hint of intelligence?  
I'm with supporting this mod, I just hate stupid and bigoted comments like these, makes the whole cause seem stupid.
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10 bucks says this mo-fo's kid is addicted to gaming.... 
I've definitely seen this somewhere....

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Any time that a developer close its doors is sad. Plus, Pure and Split Second were above average SOLID games. 
It's such a shame, here's to hoping that they'll find work soon.

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No PS3 means more money and time for hookers.

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 A piece of wood in my Chinese food. Found it by biting into it and giving myself a splinter in my mouth.

Oh and a bunch of little bugs in my Kraft Mac and Cheese.
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@BigBoss1911 said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
" @BigBoss1911 said:
" Cant believe people are actually bitching about this, a free service went down for a little while, get over it, their giving us free downloads and 30 day trials to Playstation plus and Qriocity. I think that should be a good enough apology. "
Did you not hear about the massive amount of personal info that was stolen and possibly credit card info?  "
Has there been any legitiment reports of people having money taken from their credit cards? "
Not yet anyways. And yes, Sony did admit that over 10 million credit cards have been stolen and numerous reports of a database containing vast amounts of private info, including credit cards, is lurking around.
And I don't feel comfortable knowing that my personal and CREDIT CARD info has been leaked to an unknown group of hackers who could do anything they want with it.
My guess on why there hasn't been any reports of identity theft or such: the hackers have much more to gain from Sony than risk going on a shopping spree and potentially exposing themselves. 
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@Terrents said:
" so... its not a phone right? "
THAT would just be silly.