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I honestly don't know why people are getting mad over this UMD thing. It was just like the situation with the PS3 Slim, people were bitching, and eventually learned to shut the fuck up because it wasn't that big of a deal. And chances are if you're complaining about not being able to not use your UMDs, you still probably have an old PSP lying around somewhere (pro tip: I use my PS2 for my old PS2 games, why not use your old PSP for your UMDs?!?! *gasp*). 
Also, the exclusion of the UMD drive will probably make the PSP2 more ergonomic and cheaper for all of us...
Sony's moving on guys, I suggest we all do the same.

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@EVO said:
" @bartok said:
" Will those birds ever learn to not be so angry ? "
When those damn pigs stop stealing their eggs. "
I hate it when they do that, every goddamn week.
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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:
" @shivermetimbers said:

"If it does everything, then it does nothing because everything includes nothing. "

No it doesn't, everything can't exist in nothingness unless we're talking about the everything of nothingness. If there is nothing, there can't be something. If there can't be something, there can't be everything. "
Queue horn from Inception trailer.
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Seriously $15 for new maps? I don't know what's Activision trying to do, jacking the standard pricing for maps up like this.  
I'll live with Battlefield: Vietnam.

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I just want the AK-47 to NOT sound like a pellet gun.

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What's with the ALL UNITS going around here...

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Man I never expected this to happen to Bizzare, heard Blur was a really good game. 
But yeah, racing games aren't really my thing. :/ 
Nowadays, I feel racing games have hit a bit of a slump. Who knows, maybe motion controllers will bring them back to the mainstream.

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@kratier said:
" "Stop breathing. " You should get banned for telling someone to kill themselves.  Also is that supposed to be some sort of insult?   He is right , if you buy the game and pay the fees, you should have the right to play the game however you want it. If the developers dont fix glitches and exploits, its them failing as developers, not the gamers. If its in the game, its meant to be used, until the developers take it out or fix it. Its the same thing with dolphin diving, that could be considered an exploit or abusing ingame mechanics. I dont know why i wrote such a long response to such a complete and total retard who goes around telling people to kill themselves. You dont deserve the time of day and here i am replying to you. "
That type of situation only exists in a vacuum. No game, especially a multiplayer-heavy one like Black Ops, will EVER be glitch-free. Also, from a developer's standpoint, these glitches are oftentimes VERY hard to fix and could take months just figuring out where to start to fix them.  

Mind you, the game has only been out a couple of days so far and I'm sure Treyarch is working on any glitches people are exploiting right now. It's just that while they are patching it up, they expect the players to take responsibility and play the game the way it was meant to be played.  

Just because you paid 60 fucking dollars doesn't give you the right to ruin a game where a countless number of people put their blood, sweat, and tears into. Your logic is just a pathetic excuse to glitch and exploit the game for your own selfish reasons.
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@Deevster said:
" 5.6 million people... That leads to a lot of dead commies. "
And that leads to a better world. 
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I hear the demo was the pre-alpha phase of the game, but I could be mistaken. Why would they release an unpolished demo? 
@handlas said:

" well you can change the controls so you don't use the stick to punch/kick.  The takedowns are no different than UFC 2010.  Cept instead pushing a stick forward you are pushing a button.  I don't get why people are complaining about that and comparing it to Undisputed when it is absolutely no different.  To defend the takedown you hit one button....in Undisputed you hold a stick back.  Except EA MMA is better because it takes out the shining struggle part which is completely stupid. "

Because in this game, the takedowns happen so fast, it's near impossible to defend. In the middle of a heated slugfest, a guy can just start hammering X randomly and get down. At least in UFC, most of the takedowns were easy to block if you just held the left stick back. And the "stupid" shining aspect gave you one last chance to defend against a takedown. The only takedowns that were near impossible to block were the players known for their takedowns (GSP, Brock Lesnar, Chael Sonnen). 
Also if you change the controls for the striking, the ground game controls get fucked up. 
While UFC's strike system was really simple and robotic, IMO, it was better. You could execute what move you wanted half the time. The only problem with it was that it was filtered down to the point where the fighters looked like robots, not fighters.  And the Fight Night system doesn't really translate well into MMA games cause you can also kick...