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So yeah guys, I just finished playing the demo... not impressed.  Lemme break it down.
The punching system is similar to that of Fight Night's, where you have to use the right stick for striking. However, pressing L2 and letting go of it back and forth feels to clumsy to be switching from punching and kicking. Also, with the use of the right stick, I find it really easy to go mess up a punch or kick. God forbid I rotate 3/8 of the stick and accidentally to a uppercut instead of an overhead right. 
The fighter's animations when striking just look downright clumsy and cartoonish. They took WAAAAAAAAAY too much of Fight Night and put it into this game. 

The takedowns are even more cheaper than UFC2010, you just press spam the X (A) button to takedown and improve your position on the ground. Although it was really robotic, I like Undisputed's system better (not saying I like it that much). To defend you have to react in the 2/100 of a second a guy shoots for a takedown and press the O button. It's really flawed. 
People were complaining that the clinch and ground systems of Undisputed were too complicated and unrealistic. While EA certainly has gotten the looks of the clinch and ground game down (it's really impressive, it looks like the fighters are actually grappling with one another), there's no mastery to it. Just spam the X button and watch your stamina.  
The clinch system is basically the same, just press triangle.  
Now what has me miffed about this button smashing system is that when on the ground or clinch, people just focus on hammering the X and Triangle buttons till they get the Muay Thai clinch or the Full Postured Mount. THEN the one-sided ass whooping occurs, easily leading to a KO.
After playing this, I'm worried about the future of MMA games in general. UFC was just too robotic and broke everything down too much, and while EA's MMA has improved SOME parts of the UFC game, it's far from the ideal MMA game. It's a close tie in between the two and for now I can't decide which one's better. Well, probably not better, but rather which one is worse.

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Fucking amazinggggg

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I would so buy this. 
I hate using my old Slim PS2 because the controllers are fucking shot. Every time I get a new one, it always breaks really fast. Plus wired controllers= no good. 
But then again, I'm still up for HD remakes. Much rather play MGS and Jak series in HD on my PS3.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Massive Ass Gay.  I'm so smart. "
Yes sir, you are.
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@Jimbo said:
" "But for anybody who wants to run their own server, it will be run from GameServers.com."  Ha, sure it will.  For about the first two days after launch. "
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"The thing about the necromorphs that struck me was that they spawn out of specific ventilation ducts and gratings in each map, so when you die, you can fly around and find the spawn point that's closest to where the action is, then burst right out of the wall and pull a surprise attack."     
This worries my because it sounds like a lot of people can (and probably) abuse the spawn system of the necromorphs, knowing where they are going to spawn almost all the time.  
Sounds like a certain game I know....

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@Three0neFive: That's why the maps are BAD COMPANY. Sure there's the Battlefield name on it, but anyone who has half a brain knows that the original Battlefield series and the Bad Company series are almost two entirely different games. 
Even DICE says the Bad Company games are a SPINOFF of the series. It's SUPPOSED to be different. 
So stop complaining about the maps and just wait for goddamn Battlefield 3. 
On a more related note, my main problems with the game are: 
- Primarily getting dropped out of games WAY to often. I sometimes have to quit a game when I'm with a really good squad because of my fear of getting dropped out of the game and losing all my stats. 
- Kind of lag. My lag stopped a few months ago, so besides the game dropping and the stats losing, I don't have much of a problem with it. 
- Knifing. Yeah, hate to admit it, but the knifing kinda sucks. Even when I'm standing so close to the person that I can lick him, my knife fucking misses. 
- No bullet drop on LMGs, SMGs, and assault rifles. 
- Enemies that are far away are practically invisible.
- Noobs. People who tranistion from that game to this game pretty much. 
But I still love the game and play almost every day.
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lolz, gurlz on g1antb0mbz! 

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Can't wait to smash some heads with the Pitbull!

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@Seppli: That was a mouthful. I guess you're used to that kind of stuff. 
But I have to agree with you, I much prefer the analogs to the KB&M combo. With the PC FPS's the superior hardware is a big factor, something I just can't afford.