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For the Multi-Platform games better suited for the PS3, you should add UFC: Undisputed 2010
Exclusive characters (*ahem*Royce Gracie*ahem*) and some of the UFC's greatest fights.

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@bcjohnnie said:
" @MattBodega said:
" Another Giant Bomb article based on wild speculation, rumor, and half-remembered "things." Remember when Giant Bomb used to post only the meaningful and important articles? Now they're just like everyone else, posting "news" stories that have barely any news at all.
When is the GB crew going to get its act together and drop punk stringers like Jeff that are ruining the site?! "

Watch it Kessler, I'm pretty sure they are not legally required to make you an intern again next Summer. "
And that means Swedish canned fish. Or preserved periwinkles. 
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@Galiant said:
" I bought three extra Sixaxis controllers when my PS3 was new. I bought one Dualshock 3 when those came out.  I feel cheated, spending all that money. Why didn't they release Dualshock 3 at launch? I only use my Sixaxis controllers while my Dualshock 3 is charging or if multiple people are playing. "
Dude, we're fucking twins lol. 
I think Sony couldn't release the SIXAXIS with rumble at launch cause of legal reasons or so they say.  
I got the original Dualshock with the piano black finish, and it seems to gather this sort of... liquid on the analog sticks... It's really funky and kinda disgusting.
When I got the new Slim, it wasn't the same material as the original Dualshock3, so no problem there. 
So now I have 4 SIXAXIS's and two Dualshocks. Whatta way to spend all your money.
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My strategy to beating Lesnar is taking him down before he takes me down with Frank Mir or Minotauro Noguiera(both these guys are pretty well rounded with AMAZING jujitsu and submissions).
Takedowns are mad easy in this game, just spin the right stick like crazy. 
Just wait till he tries to shove you off when you're in this full guard and reverse to get into side control. Mix your strikes with elbows and strong knees, and basically work his stamina down. 
Then, clinch to single collar and pull guard on him, then do the submission. 
Easiest way for me.

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I love how some people still use that old PS3 logo. 
Think that hasn't been used ever since the PS3 Slim's release or a little before that?

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I really hope that they succeed and shit all over Activision's face.  
But, hopefully, they won't make a mess of a game like MW2...

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The first Operation Flashpoint was crippled with bugs, bad graphics, wonky controls, and overall just sucking. I know it was supposed to be a SIM shooter, but Codemasters seriously could've made the game a lot more accessible and clean. 
HOPEFULLY, this one's a lot better.

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God, when I played this game, I absolutely loved it. 
Too bad this laptop is a piece of shit that can only run Starcraft. Yes I am talking about Starcraft I. 

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When I saw her videos, I lol'd.  

But on a serious note, parents are retarded, kids a dumbshit, and she needs some old school discipline. 
Get that bitch into a kitchen!