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@Spoonman671: Yeah my bad, I realized it right after I posted and couldn't put in the spoiler alert. 
@chililili: Well I can see now that we have our opinions and this debate isn't going to change them. 
I think we can agree on that, no?
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 I honestly have to disagree. I think it was the most appropriate ending with Kratos having his final revenge and forgiving himself for his family's death. 
Honestly, if they made him the same machine of war like GoW3's predecessors, the ending would have been juvenile and a bit childish. 
This ending seemed more focused on ending the story the right way and taking it seriously.
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I thought GoWIII was an amazing end to the series definitely worthy of praise. I've yet to play Heavy Rain though. 
I really liked Red Dead Redemption, that was an amazing game.

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@TOYBOXX said:

" @SoothsayerGB said:

" Thats some costly nothing, since PS3 has NO GAMES!   Your paying for Trials, beta's and demos IF and when they happen.    Protip! If you have to pay for a discount, ITS NOT A DISCOUNT! "

PS3 has no games?! YOUR FUCKING STUPID! Obviously you don't get out from under your fanboy rock that often. "
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Same, when I'm sprinting for a while and I collide with an object, my character gets stuck to the object for 2 seconds then my character floats me back a few feet. 
Also, when I try to jump over things, my character starts bugging out and my screen starts violently shaking before sending me back like 10 feet. 
Anyone know the cause of these issues? I'm running on an Ethernet connection that works fine and the PS3 version of the game.

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@Phished0ne: I'll hit you up with a friend request but IDK whether I can invite you into the camp... 
 Online has been having a lot of issues, so we might have to wait for a patch to come out.
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@zitosilva said:
"   If you don't have a PlayStation Eye, you can most of the Move components together in the PlayStation Move  "
Typo Mr. Kessler!
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I did on my asian CAF, and it's fucking hilarious.

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Isn't there a ranked match system? 
I'm not sure how it works though.

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@camwilson: Alright nice, tell anyone else you know that'd be interested. 
I sent you a request :)