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I totally loved the video and it reinforced many of my thoughts about how the internet can make and break people. It was smart, well done and full of nuanced points which is what the internet needs. I really want to talk to the makers of it because it was brilliant.

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@SamFo: I had a conversation with a friend of mine about this issue that branched into one about white privilege, we are both black and he is a couple of years younger than I am (I'm 34). Once I explained the concept he rebuffed by saying "Why are you talking about this? He didn't want to even acknowledge that the possibility of these things even existing.

I believe that the people mad a Patrick are just like my friend wearing huge blinders about the world around them who are incapable of thinking that other people come up against these issues daily.

It's extremely sad.

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@Gordo789: I remember that story and the comments eventually always seem to victim blame when allegations of sexism and racism arise. It's a damn shame that the burden of proof is almost astronomically high.

Thanks for posting it.

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@RazielCuts: I remember seeing that video and I appreciate his sentiment. I think he is totally off base.

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It's good to see that people are speaking up about this in positive ways. I wonder though if this were about POC (people of color) in the gaming industry if it would have gotten this kind of traction?

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I would much rather free dlc instead of the game, giving you a game that no one is going to play doesn't really do anything for most people.

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This is a show that I and a couple of friends do over Google+ Come and check us out. Leave comments and subscribe if you like us.

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@TwilitEnd656: I'm not sure how you would make that assumption. I haven't made much further in the game but what you say makes no sense.
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@AyKay_47: That was witty...............
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