Ten Survival Horror Games To Warp Your Mind

In no means in any "scarier than the last" order, here is my favorite ten games of the Survival Horror genre of video games. grab some headphones, turn off the lights, and crap your pants.

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Posted by Little_Socrates

I like most of this list, but Dino Crisis seems REALLY out of place as you don't justify it as even remotely scary. 
Got stuck in Penumbra and gave up on it quickly. Not quite as compelling as Amnesia to me. Thought I might have seen Rule of Rose on this list, though I've never played it.

Posted by KailenWolfe

These are games I've actually played, and I haven't played Rule Of Rose neither. A friend showed it to me, and it looks great so hopefully I'll be playing it soon. As for Dino Crisis, it's on the list because it is technically survival horror, and the jump scares throughout the game can get your blood pumping.  Thanks for reccomending the list.

Posted by Roger778

Great list.  The only game I played was Dead Space, and it is the scariest game I've ever played. 
Might try some of the other games, though.