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I have my hunter at 28 and haven't really had time to do the raid since the first one I did, but I do really enjoy Hunter. Their supers are pretty lackluster as far as PvE goes, but I do find certain skills very useful in their utility based on the setting. Stealth in particular is really nice to have when you just want to blow past stuff and not deal with huge chunks of missions. Getting the exotic helm that allows you a fourth shot on Golden Gun kind of makes it feel like what it should have been in the first place. Four shots tends to be enough to deal with any tough enemies or clear out tougher swarms quickly. In PvP, Bladedancer still feels incredibly powerful. Blink strike is really nice to have, and arc blade is incredibly effective when used well. What it really comes down to though is that I still prefer the hunter's jump drastically more than either of the other jump types.

I just got my Titan to 20 today and was immediately able to get him to 24 with a few legendaries and exotics I had tucked away in my vault. I really liked leveling him, and the striker's super is incredibly satisfying. I'm hoping to finish leveling Striker pretty quickly so that I can start leveling Defender as its PvE utility seems incredibly useful. I don't really like the jetpack as a form of jumping but everything else about Titan is super fun to play. I'll have to see how it feels once I play it some more at max level.

Unfortunately, I've barely played the Warlock as I still can't stand the glide. I'm sure if I got more used to using it effectively that would change, but as it stands it makes it very hard for me to want to try leveling it.

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I thought she was great. Nothing over the top, and she wasn't thrown by Colbert's style like some guests can be. I also thought Colbert comparing games journalism to Hollywood journalism was quite on point. At the end of the day, the idea that the so called "corruption" GG is rooting out is an incredibly important issue worth the incredible amounts of hyperbole being thrown out there is pretty ridiculous.

The irony of Sarkeesian gaining all of this fame due to those who seem to despise her and want to make her disappear amuses me greatly.

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I'd probably have to go with Chrono Trigger. It's one of my favorite games of all time, but as others have said about these games, I was too young to truly appreciate the story line and characters the way I do now. Experiencing it for the first time with a more mature mind would be wonderful.

The Usual Suspects might have to be the movie I'd pick. The movie is incredible and that twist is kind of mind blowing when you don't see it coming.

Despite Orson Scott Card being a generally terrible person, I'd definitely go with Ender's Game as the book I'd choose. It's one of my go to easy books to read through so I've read it a bunch of times, but I'd love to experience that development and fascinating twist for the first time again.

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Brutalize is also a great combo into combat as it starts you out with a 5x hit streak. Once you have the later unlocks that allow for the specials to be used with only a 5x hit streak it's a really great opener for combat. It's also pretty satisfying to use on captains that have been particularly bothersome for you.

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I actually don't find them to be too problematic. They're not the threat they were in Halo because of your many abilities to escape, double jump and the like, so I don't mind them. However, I had to use a fusion rifle because I needed void damage kills for my exotic bounty quest, and I actually started to feel like I was cheating. The fusion rifle is ridiculous especially with an aim down sights modifier. The range at which you can one shot kill someone with it is insane. Fortunately it seems like most people haven't really discovered how crazy they are yet.

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I've been playing almost exactly the same way I play Halo and have been having great success doing just that. I've generally been sticking with pulse rifles for PvP. It feels a lot like the BR from Halo which is my go to weapon there. Three headshots is generally a kill not accounting for random class abilities and the like. Using the pulse or scout rifle is generally a good way to get mid to long range battles to go your way, and then use the fusion rifle or shotgun to cover your short range fights. On maps such as Bastion or First Light I'll switch my secondary to a sniper to cover the greater distances.

Also as others have said be sure to grab heavy ammo when it won't get you killed. I don't know why no one grabs it, but the heavy machine gun will help you absolutely tear through people. If I get heavy ammo I am practically guaranteed a solid spree.

Tonight was the first night where it felt like the netcode was being terrible to me. If shotgun or melee fights were going against you that is definitely a possible cause. Good luck on improving your game. I'm sure you'll pick it up at some point.

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@humanity: I obviously haven't played so I can't verify this myself, but according to the End Game content video on IGN I believe they state that the elemental weapons will play important roles in some of the end game content. Some times enemies will be extremely resistant to one element so you will have to use weapons that use something they are weak to. Also as the post above me said the green, blue, purple and orange weapons will certainly be more interesting. The effects that leveling the better weapons will have looked to have quite the impact on how you might play when I looked at them during the beta. I could always be quite wrong about that of course.

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I was entertained by it. It was dumb in a way I could get behind.

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This just made me substantially happier with my White Destiny PS4 purchase. I will definitely be getting it on the PS4. I did buy a Vita almost exclusively for Persona 4 Golden after all.

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@bisonhero: Oh dear. I'm even aware of that fact and have failed in using it multiple times. I thank you for your correction good sir. My level of shame is high.