Just a quick update today folks. I have some brand new pieces of art work for you from the team behind LOYALTY (namely myself & Jake LOL ). The first image is the DVD cover art designed by Jake. I think you'll all agree that it's very cool, very stylized & very intriguing but after some discussion we both agreed it wasn't... media savvy enough? It would probably go great guns through Europe but in the west; we thought it needed to be more marketable.

  The first DVD concept

We tried to go even further with the artist vision and i made this mock up just to show Jake "Something different" to think outside the box. Personally this isn't something that i really liked at all but it's important to try new styles just to broaden your way of thinking.

  A rough concept art piece

So we went back to the drawing board. We asked ourselves "What is LOYALTY?"

Answer: Well it's a gritty crime thriller with super cool macho characters and some bone crunching action blended with Anime . So naturally we had to design something that would reflect that. After looking at tonnes of DVD covers we concluded that they were all to girlie LOL . So we turned to other styles and finally hit upon one we dug.

After over 20 iterations of the idea we finally had it. It took many, many hours on the phone involving a lot of back & forth conversations & emails but at last we had something that fit all the categories we were after.

  The final poster for LOYALTY

So here it is, it captures each character perfectly, shows that the world is a dark and mean place and Jake Reedy's brilliant tag line above Miller - "Four criminals, one hostage, no escape"