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Please do not spam the forums and read the rules
Thank you,
RandomInternetPerson :) 

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 Dude i am sorry, didn't mean this to go into the forums but I just read the rules - And to be honest i haven't broken them. This film is in the Off-Topic forum and this IS my original work with my own original commentary.

  1. NO spamming or commercial advertising.
    1. Linking to websites/material without original commentary of your own.
    2. Repeatedly posting the same or similar comments/material.
    3. Replying with comments of no value in order to 'bump' topics, claim 'first', suggesting a thread will be locked etc.
    4. Providing advertisements, promotions, solicitations or offers to sell any goods or services for any commercial purpose.
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"  without original commentary of your own." 
Means you have to add something to the thread you wrote, though. 
Not "commentary" as in what's on the thing you linked...