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I just made a mixtape for someone who wants to learn german, so here we go:

Die SterneUniversal Tellerwäscher
Peter LichtWettentspannen
Jens FriebeCharles de Gaulle
KanteWarmer Abend
SportDie Hände
TurbostaatDas Island Manöver
TocotronicDie neue Seltsamkeit
Moritz KrämerMitbewohnerin
Wir sind HeldenDie Ballade von Wolfgang und Brigitte
WolkeIch will mich befreien
BlumentopfDa läuft was schief
DeichkindKomm schon!
KraftwerkDas Modell

You shoud find all of that on youtube, I guess. Genre-wise it is all over the place, some Rock, some Pop, some singer-songwriter, some HipHop.

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The only thing less sexy than having a real job is driving a big car, or being a diligent flosser.

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I am pretty sure it will be Dave Lang and/or Johnny Vignocchi. Johnny will have two shows, one with Jeff ('J's and the jar", it will be just the two of them talking about whatever) and one with Vinny ("To Vinn or not to Vign")

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Use a proper D-Pad. I used the analog stick on the 360 controller but it's just not quick enough, especially when you routinely use "ledge hanging" instead of "ledge manteling" (the latter makes you throw away things you carry). I used a SF4 pad (not a stick) and remapped the buttons.

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Fashon is just planned obsolescence for clothes.

But I guess that's not helping..

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You should listen to politics or business talks, they make you feel young!

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Alpha Centauri, Braid

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@aegon: Thanks for letting us know, I really liked the first two parts.

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Really sorry to hear about your experiences with the 1% of the internet.