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I don't mind dying over and over again if the load times are quick, but (at least on the Vita) it takes about 20 seconds to go from death to next try which kills it for me. Here's hoping they patch in a quick restart.

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Once I realized that Kid Rock was ryhming "things" with "things" in "all summer long", I couldn't unhear it anymore. Really spoils one of the most original songs by one of the greatest artist of this century.

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My condolences to you and your family.

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I really wish I wasn't reading shit on this forum that involves people justifying hacking and slander because of one sided personal grudges with people you don't even know.

But unfortunately, I am. And it just makes me incredibly sad.

Well said, I'll stop reading now.

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I played this game probably in the late 80ies-mid 90ies. It was a Puzzle-Action PC-game with an isometric perspective and took place in a skyscraper. There were different levels of AI (i think they looked like blobs in different shapes and the most advanced one looked like a human). The AI had taken over the building and you were trying to find a way up (or down). It came out with veeery little fanfare, but I remembeR reading a very positive review on it.


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I haven't even played it but I wished it would either fully embrace that it is a videogame that does not need hollow story reasons for you to shoot aliens or have a story it commits to. From what I saw in the quick look, it surely is fun to play, but it feels less like a bold vision than a combination of things put together with the purpose of making money. Hope that made sense.

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What a nice layout, I wonder if its LateX

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Often times I saw a forum topic thinking "oh, this is gonna be ugly". Then I scrolled down and all I read was encouragements, respectful replies, empathy.