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I haven't got around to playing many games this year, but of what i have played these are my top 5 in no particular order: 
1. Mass effect 2  

  When i first played Mass effect, the original, i didnt find myself enjoying it, but decided to go back to it when i heard 
Mass effect to was going to be released, and i must say im glad i did.  
Mass Effect 2 brings everything from Mass Effect 1 and makes it much better, the immersive story which indulges the player in completely, the great voice work and the easy to handle yet complicated gameplay, is perfect for any shooter/Rpg fan.
2. Super meat boy  
XBLA box art (cropped)
  Super Meat boy was definately an unexpected competitor this year, noone saw it coming but when it did it blew everyones mind away, the simple style, which still has beautiful artwork and immersive gameplay, works perfectly. the hard gameplay which with anything else would annoy and force you away actually helps to keep you stuck to the game.    
i keep finding myself returning to super meat boy all the time, it is definately a game for everyone. 


3. bayonetta  
 Bayonetta takes the style of Devil may cry and somehow changes it into something amazing, if it was just another devil may cry game it wouldnt get the love it does. If you look past the "naked" attacks and quirky comments from Bayonetta you actually find an amazing story which is very well narrated, but still it comes back to the gameply where this game really shines there is something relatively enjoyable about beating up angels while falling through the sky on a clock face. 
Also many capcom fans will be happy by the "What are you buying?" quote from resident evil 4.

4. Final Fantasy 13  
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Final Fantasy 13, what is there to say? A series which feels like its been going on for eternity comes back again, and changes alot about it, im one of the people who were not angered at all by the change in the gameplay, i actually enjoyed the change.  
although the story does not live up to the expectations of square enix and other final fantasy games, excluding 12 which in my opinion was a load of dog dung, it still has amazing in depth characters and the fighting style is something i would like to see updated and made even better in future games. 
5. Minecraft 
   Not much to say but it kept me stuck to playing it and i enjoyed the sand boxy gameplay i would like to see huge updates over the future though             ujjj
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So ive just finished watching all of the kinect quick looks up on GB, and personally it hasnt really shown me anything new, sure voice control is a good feature, but does it work verywell? and its been on pc's for ever, and the camera just basiccly works like sony's eye toy, sure it follows your body movements better then the eye toy by using the skeleton but  it doesnt really seem too advanced for what it is, i didnt see one time where it really worked perfectly.
Sure maybe if we can get the perfect lighting, have tight clothes on (or be naked), Be really skinny and have a skin head then it will work more or less perfectly as it should, but the chances of this ever happening is 1 in a million, i cannot see this catching a lot of attention cause it just doesnt seem fun, it could have done so much more.
I think the best chance for something like this happening is by using more than one camera, for example Having 4 kinect cameras one infront one behind and one on each side, this would give a pretty general 360 degree view of the centre of the room, and will be able to track the whole bodies movement, and not have a fit if it cant see one of your legs behind the other.
Yeah, sorry about the little rant but this is my honest opinion :) GOOD NIGHT X

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@HaltIamReptar:  Well thats not very nice now is it!? He can be funny but  prefer him on podcast but i watch all quick looks anyways GB FTW!
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I see your point, if it got to the point where ristar turnt into a Were-star and started having beastiality with a princess, much like that of the current sonic the hedgehog games, it would be terrible, although i did enjoy sonic adventure 1 and 2, havent yet had the chance to play the XBLA version though.

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No, sorry guys Sega have not remade the amazing classic which we played on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.
I do not see why they havent remade this game i would love to see a modern Ristar game, not 3D or anything because i think that would ruin the game (alot like the one that should not be named, Pacman Fever) But an updated with more levels and some sort of twist on the game a bit like 'splosion man on the xbox arcade. 
I would like to hear your ideas on this game and any feelings you have for it, would it be a good idea or a bad idea to remake this classic?

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I find that this game is great fun as long as you have some intuitive of how to play RTS games, its definately now one of my favorite games after playing for a few hours and getting used to how to play it as i start to come up with plans of what i should do to whin, i definately recommend it. :) GG HB

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I starteed my first game, Thought i was doing well But got owned. The end
Played online, Kicked ass. the end