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I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!
"I'm so hungry I could eat an Octorok!"
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I was planning to buy Twisted Metal based on how awesome it looked in the clips I've seen, but now I'm buying it on day one just to make sure that my money contributes to those first-day numbers. Jaffe is the man. His transparency and honesty is so rare in an industry full of carefully-worded PR shit that I'll do whatever I can to make sure this man keeps working.

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I have to respect that presenter for staying in character despite the terrible jokes. I mean, it's unlikely he wrote them, so I think it's pretty impressive that he can deliver this shit so confidently without any sense of awkwardness at all. 

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I really, really need to some see some Joel McHale up on that stage or I won't be able to last if the tone of the rest of the presentation matches... Mr. Caffeine.

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"Unleash the simulated family... so lifelike."

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I'm having the same issue with Chrome 12 on Windows 7.

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@617_jbug: Yup. That's actually where I first read the news.... well, it was actually it was the from the Game Informer Facebook news feed. The world we live in. -_-
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" So what's the verdict on the largest, most damaging hack in the games industry? This PSN outage, or the Half-Life 2 Source Code leak?

I vote for the latter. It almost put Valve out of business. Imagine a world without Portal 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2. o_O

Imagine a world without Half-Life 3!!! oh wait.....Had to be done "
This year's E3. I'm feeling it. I mean.... they have to show something! "
Oh, i am sure they will announce a game with a '3' in the title, and that game will be..................

Left for Dead 3
You know, I would be more happy for a L4D3 announcement than HL3.  I've never been a big Half-Life fan :P "

I kid. To each their own I guess. I personally think Half-Life 2: Episode 2 is one of the best games ever made.