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Recently its been Borderlands series at about 300 and Fallout around 150 but the amount of time I sunk into WOW and Counterstrike dwarfs anything else

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There is nothing I can say that hasnt been said in these comments but I'm going to anyway. When I got home from work last night I went to the front page of Reddit because for some reason I couldnt get Giantbomb to load and figured I'd waste some time looking at random bullshit and there a few stories down I saw a headline that made my stomach sink. I sat there for a few minutes just staring at and thinking it must be some sick joke. After refreshing Giantbomb for what seemed like hours my worst fear was confirmed.

I spent the night reading amazing and heartfelt condolences from everyone I could from fans, friends, colleagues, industry folks, the Giantbomb community, the Bombcrew and some folks I had never even heard of. As I sat here trying (and failing miserably) to hold back tears I began to think about how I was so devastated over losing someone I had never met. It dawned on me that even though I had never had a chance to even say 'hello' to the man I was not alone. Here were thousands of people feeling the same sense of loss that I was and just knowing that gave me comfort. Ryan was a man that I had listened to and watched almost every day for years and even though he didnt know my name he was my friend...and seeing that I was not alone in that sentiment gave me comfort.

Ryan was a man who made people's lives better. Not just his friends and family but everyone he shared his time with whether in the real world or the digital one. We all miss you so much.

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Compaq Presario circa 95ish. I still have nightmare flashbacks of screwing around in Windows, messing everything up, and then my dad throwing a fit because I broke the new computer and being forced to sit there and re install Windows. All 40 disks and 3 hours later and I could finally get Descent to work. Worth it.

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I've never had a real strong connection with Kingdom Hearts but its always felt like a combo of Square and original Disney characters. They may be owned by the same company but I dont consider Captain America and Han Solo as Disney characters. Maybe having some easter eggs or references to Star Wars or Marvel might be interesting but Deadpool high-fiving Mickey mouse just seems too weird.

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Paradise was fun but Takedown is the best. Me and my friend spent so much time doing everything there is to do in that game and I have such fond memories of it. The car checking in Revenge took too much of the challenge out of it and it was just too ridiculous, even for a Burnout game

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Thank you for all the great work you did Dave! Best of luck and you will be missed. I hope you can find time to stop by for random shenanigans.

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That new Zelda video is gonna make me buy a 3ds

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Agree with XCOM, Uncharted 2 and ME2. Walking Dead was boring and the controls were garbage. ME2 is probably one of my favorite games ever.

Disagree with Skyrim and GTA4. I liked Saints Row and Skyrim but I had way more fun with SR3 and GTA4 was nothing special. MGS4 was just a fantastic game and deserved the win