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Uncharted in space?

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@Unknown_Pleasures: Well, that's fair I guess, but I think you misunderstood my point if you bring that up. My biggest point was how just saying that something is difficult isn't enough. There are many different ways to do difficulty. I portrayed the types of difficulty in Ninja Gaiden and Demons Souls as very different in my article so I dont know if you're trying to agree with me or what here... Demons Souls gives you all the tools to handle what's in your way and simply teaches you to be very cautious. It's very unforgiving rather than difficult. Ninja Gaiden on the other hand simply throws roadblocks at you until you buckle. It's lazy on the developer's part and a very frustrating way to implement challenge in my opinion. After all that is all this is; my opinion.

About the old games like Battletoads tho... I find that the difficulty in a lot of old games is due to a mix of simply having restrictive gameplay which made the games hard in itself and the aftereffects of the arcade days. Arcade games were designed to be difficult so that they could actually make money by forcing you to constantly pour more money in. This simply became the culture around games during that time and as games became longer experiences which you pay for in one go it's natural that the difficulty is toned down to a certain level. You may feel that it's too easy for your tastes, as do I, but I think it was the logical next step for games and I think there are games out there that still scratch my itch in terms of difficulty

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@Claude: That's fair xD To each his own.

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wait, what... FMV?

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Explosions underwater... that close... yeeeeah safe

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Another cover based FPS? =S aliens or no aliens that is pretty lame.

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Today the Playstation store came back in my country, but I cant find any way to claim my welcome back package =S are they purposefully making it hard to claim or something or am I just stupid beyond comprehension?

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@ImmortalSaiyan: I actually haven't played that game, so I really can't make a statement on any of that, but if it is what you say I will have to check it out. Ninja Gaiden 2 had a good combat system overall, but the cheap enemy combos they threw at you just made me lose my drive to play. I'll check Black out though
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@Azteck: Hehe, thanks. If Dark Souls is anything like Demon's Souls you really have something to look forward to. Personally I didnt actually buy my ps3 until maybe 7 months ago. I finally decided that it was worth it with GoW, MGS and Demon's Souls on the system (but I bought it 90% because of Demon's Souls xD). 

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@iGaboru: Thanks. It's good that people enjoyed it. Some construction workers outside my home took down my internet cable, and once I didn't have any online games to take up my time on sunday this was the result.