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Ken would be nice as i really enjoyed playing him in MvC2

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To one and all,
I played wow since final beta, warhammer, star wars, eve online and neocron 2. Now I look for something new as i'm sick of wow and I don't want it taking over my life as EvE almost forced the user too. I have heard bad things and I have heard and see some good things but still I am undecided. Currently the open beta is downloading as I write this but I am well aware of what betas are like and never write off a game just because of a beta (even though red alert 3 beta did actually put it right off). 
What do people think? What does this game offer that any of those that I listed above don't already do? whether it be loot, economy, or atmosphere? I really don't give a monkeys about graphics, as a long fan of Civ 2. But I care about gameplay, a lot. but more than that I want an experience that I can lose myself in casually, not sit thinking i'm going to need a special seat next to my computer because I won't be able go to the toilet at the normal place.
Reading other posts, you have all played a bit or a lot of it, so what have you found that is new? Or is this game just sold on the star trek lience. Games can be polished over time. Wow had more bugs, in beta, than Battlecrusier 3000AD had on release, but if there is an idea. Sometimes a unique idea that can drive a game to solidifying its root in computer game history, then I am listening. An idea, which can be developed and refined over time just as Wow took a load of ideas and polished them. I want to know.
in short: is there something new in this?

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Good luck and all the best for the future :-)

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sorry i'm a wow player, this would have to be gods greatest gift to mankind for me to swap. I tried warhammer, hated that. I used to play ultima online before wow and the other star wars mmo. But still wow draws me back. Simple yet effective and addictive game. Good luck to Lucas Arts.

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its a cross between mission impossible 2 and the A-team. looks a lot of fun :D

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so um any dance music in it? those other brits out there will know what i'm on about. Those are the ones in the UK which usually get mashed up.

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Please could you add the British/European servers for WOW.

Otherwise awesome idea guys. I'm liking it.