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Okay, first of all I highly doubt that this decision is permanent. Secondly, do you remember what happened after Columbine and 9/11? Shows (such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer) pulled episodes that contained guns or violence at schools (the Buffy episode aired later that year). After 9/11, dozens of movies, video games and even theme park attractions were pulled/modified. This is not a new thing.

Also it's kind of funny that the same people who say mobile games "are for casuals" are the same ones crying "censorship" now.

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It's unfortunate that a creative dev had to shut down. I think their statement does come off as bitter and petty, but also very understandable. I can't imagine how it would feel to work so hard on a game, to invest so much time, money and yourself into it. And then not get a return on your investment, financially and emotionally. It's pretty fair for them to be angry and upset. I don't think it's unreasonable for them to feel betrayed by the games industry and consumers. They just lost their jobs. Try to have some empathy.

Also a very cool dude (who probably doesn't want his name on Giant Bomb's forums) once said:

"Make art. Make rent. Help others do the same."

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Jon isn't going to die. He has plot armor.

(I hope he dies)

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@marino I don't know how much cosplaying goes on at PAX, but it's always good to remind people that cosplay ≠ consent! Please respect others and their boundaries!

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$28 million! (Mae Whitman is amazing, but yikes that movie looks icky)

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I really thought that Metal Gear Scanlon 2 would happen this month. I was shocked that they squeezed it in before the new year. Also I think (if I recall correctly) that Drew, Dan, and Jason came in during the weekend at least once to film MGS2(!)

Patience is a virtue!

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Bring back Fear Gauntlet! (I would really like Kessler to guest at GB sometime!)

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"Prankster" is a super inappropriate term for this.

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This is all Waluigi's fault.

Also: http://us.audionetwork.com/production-music/party-hard_45027.aspx

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@49th said:

Happened to me for the first time during Mario Party 3. I watch most live streams and haven't had an issue until now.

Same. But now UPF is currently unwatchable. Both SD and HD will play one second and then freeze completely. Trying to go back a few minutes doesn't work either.