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Eve-Online? :)
I would say Urban Chaos for PC. That was fine game that no-one played. The terrible console ports didn't help

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Gym 3x a week. Plain powerlifter program

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That's a one comprehensive list mate

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Gamer Reaction

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New week and new games. This week I've been playing:

 Infinite Space
Getting close to the end finally. Only couple of chapters left ( i think). The story has really grown in the end. Should finish this next week and get a review out.

Had only time for couple of sessions, but still enjoying this. Got review done almost

Lord of Ultima
Created a account and been starting to build my town. Too early to form a opinion, but looks promising so far

After Burner Climax
This game out of the blue. Really awesome sequal. Review coming up soon as well.

This week's purchases:
Gameboy Advance - black
Had to finish my GBA collection and re-buy a original GBA. Sold both mine when DS phat game out. This is actually one of my all time favourite consoles. Yes a GBA. 

Uncharted 1
Mate from work fixed this for a tenner. Never played it since I've only had PS3 for few months. Got Uncharted 2 bundled with PS3 but didn't want to play it before finishing the 1st.

On other front. Went for Airsoft today for first time and it awesome \m/    

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It's not too bad but most of the games are tad too hardcore for my taste

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I got a Finnish passport but haven't lived there for 15 years

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Yeah I know what you mean. This game could have used a mission log. Getting closer to end here now and couple of times following the storyline has been really difficult. Especially if there has been longer break between sessions. Have started writing down the places I need to go on paper which makes it easier

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 Interesting point but difference between 3D and VR is that the big electronic companies and likes of James Cameron are pushing 3D as well. These people must really believe in the technology. And/or know somwthing we don't.
Personally I am not interested in any of it either. Well except for maybe Nintendo's 3DS. Besides Virtual Boy they haven't ever really failed on the HW market.