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Football, or soccer for you US ppl. I enjoy darts and snooker occasionally as well

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Something faster please

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Eve-Online? :)
I would say Urban Chaos for PC. That was fine game that no-one played. The terrible console ports didn't help

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Gym 3x a week. Plain powerlifter program

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That's a one comprehensive list mate

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Gamer Reaction

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New week and new games. This week I've been playing:

 Infinite Space
Getting close to the end finally. Only couple of chapters left ( i think). The story has really grown in the end. Should finish this next week and get a review out.

Had only time for couple of sessions, but still enjoying this. Got review done almost

Lord of Ultima
Created a account and been starting to build my town. Too early to form a opinion, but looks promising so far

After Burner Climax
This game out of the blue. Really awesome sequal. Review coming up soon as well.

This week's purchases:
Gameboy Advance - black
Had to finish my GBA collection and re-buy a original GBA. Sold both mine when DS phat game out. This is actually one of my all time favourite consoles. Yes a GBA. 

Uncharted 1
Mate from work fixed this for a tenner. Never played it since I've only had PS3 for few months. Got Uncharted 2 bundled with PS3 but didn't want to play it before finishing the 1st.

On other front. Went for Airsoft today for first time and it awesome \m/    

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It's not too bad but most of the games are tad too hardcore for my taste

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I got a Finnish passport but haven't lived there for 15 years

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