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Yeah I know what you mean. This game could have used a mission log. Getting closer to end here now and couple of times following the storyline has been really difficult. Especially if there has been longer break between sessions. Have started writing down the places I need to go on paper which makes it easier

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 Interesting point but difference between 3D and VR is that the big electronic companies and likes of James Cameron are pushing 3D as well. These people must really believe in the technology. And/or know somwthing we don't.
Personally I am not interested in any of it either. Well except for maybe Nintendo's 3DS. Besides Virtual Boy they haven't ever really failed on the HW market.

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Project Gotham Racing 3. Shame that the series is or more or less dead :(

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Same here. Thanks to Endurance Run of this game I am interested now as well. Would need to import this though

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Another vote for Chrono Trigger here

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Thanks for the welcome message. Didn't even know there was a achievement for this .

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 Thought I start with my Giant Bomb "career" with a introduction of some sort. As mentioned in my bio I am a 32 year old half Finnish half Norwegian living in the UK. I am working for a major IT company as software engineer. Been into gaming ever since I got Commodore 64 when I was 7 or so. I like all genres but if I would have to pick one favorite genre I'd say RPG. Ever since the Ultima and the original AD&D games for C64 I've been big fan. Even though I've missed most of the JRPG's during all this years. This because of my console history lacks quite lot of Sony consoles. Which is something that I am getting back to. To play these all fine JRPG gems. Such as Xenosage trilogy, Shin Megami games and so on, but more about that later on. I also happen to collect consoles and games as many other people do who are into gaming. Only difference here being, at least what I like to believe/think, is that I only buy games and consoles that I intent to play. And that I only start games that I intent to finish. Also played using the original console for that particular game. How this works in practice is a different thing of course heh

I also like talking about games a lot, but most of the people around me are not so into gaming as I am. For a long time I wanted to get into game reviewing but besides odd review now and then. I haven't really gotten started with that. Except for now. Couple of months ago I joined Playfire and have been reviewing the games as I play them over there. It is only 5 odd reviews and I will post them here as well. Anyway Giant Bomb feels like a more proper place for such reviews because of the way this site is designed to be a sort of complete gaming database. Not that I am looking for an audience for my reviews. Just nice that my few cents of worth can be found under these games. So tons of reviews can be excepted, especially for older games. Which is a other principle for me that I try to stick to. I don't mind playing old or mediocre games as long as it is fun and/or I get something out of it.

I stumbled upon Giant Bomb by accident just recently & got hooked on the podcast's straight away. Really excellent stuff, looking forward to listening these every Wednesday @ work.  There is a big tie-in with different social networking sites on Giant Bomb which I don't care too much about. In fact I hate Facebook and Twitter and anything that relates to such. Too much of a hermit for such according to my wife. I know that it is a slight contradiction since Giant Bomb and likes of Playfire are for connecting gamers. For me this is different since I am interested in gaming and interested in meeting gamers with similar views.

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Twice here. First one was the standard, second the arcade model and now got a Elite.

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If August is still summer I say Mafia 2. 

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Don't remember the first game too well but I am sure I played. Got this pre-ordered