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This is quite self explanatory: Deus Ex: Invisible War. Especially compared to DE 1 & 3, Invisible War is just soo mediocre. Tried to play it just few months ago, but just couldnt bear it.

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Must be closer to 30 games for me with Steam/Amazon digital purchases this weekend. Had to splurge a bit since I wont be able to do the year end sales.

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Open source all the way. Clamwin for virus and Online Armor as fw.

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Don't really see who the target audience for this is.

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I don't listen to lot of modern music it seems. Although would need to mention Clockwork Angles and Gojira's new album. Not heard the new The Sword yet.

edit. Actually Paradise Lots's Tragic Idol was from this year as well. Not too bad that.

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@ArcadiaExeter: You can always get them from GOG..

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The flying bike thing

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Oh doh just figured out from that Youtube clip that you can look around with aim button. Would have made it so much easier.

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Kickstart 2 theme as my ringtone and cheesy Star Trek communicator as text sound. Alarm clock is the original Knight Rider theme.

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Glad to see all the votes for Rush. That was the first band that came to my mind as well.

Also would say Opeth, they haven't done a bad album yet. Even if Heritage is bit different.