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Will not be logging into BL2 then. Don't want to loose my keys.

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Have to say TNG. Really would love to watch those again soon.

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Last Rockstar games. IE. GTA IV and RDR. Although I doubt that will happen again. Especially since I've become father few months back. Last time when I took day off to do some gaming wife left me with the baby and went shopping with her friend.

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Same here, tend to go through a headset every few months. Of course I use them all time. Got three headsets which use constantly. One at work and one home for my iPoop which is used for walks/gym. Also got one gaming headset which is Plantronics brand. It is the gym headset I need to replace most often. Weighlifting and cables go figure?!

Ended up buying a bunch of cheapo JVC/Sony or something brands and got always extra pair at home and work. Got sick of replacing the Sennheiser headsets all the time. The sound quality is not as good with the cheap ones, but at least I am not gutted when they break. Also at work and gym the sound quality is not so important, since i am kind of there to do more important shit :)

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If I did that I wouldn't have time do any gaming myself.

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Yup. They don't have cable in the small village I live in, so need landline for the xDSL lines.

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I understand some of these replies are jokes, but still. Some disturbed people here.

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Last time I played it was unplayable. But this was whily ago, one of the alpha versions. Redeemed the game on Steam now. Will need to try it one day.

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Odd that they don't sell these on the UK Amazon.

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If you got iOS or Android based phone/table check out game called Organ Trail. It might be coming to Steam as well.