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Another vote for Mafia. Mafia 2 is not bad either. It would be also more easily approachable since its modern.

Looking very much towards Omerta, the upcoming mafia style game from makers of Tropico 3-4

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Really interested in this, but liked to see a demo first.

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He has a point about Bayonetta fans at least.

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Other than Ubuntu being utter rubbish, yes it is possible to get by with Linux laptop. As long you don't need it for gaming. Not entirely sure what Zune is, but I am guessing it is something like iTunes for Windows Phone? If so the native music player tends to work, only that you might need to rebuild your catalog. Which might not be an option. Other options to look into are Zune through Vine or Windows VM image.

edit. based on Google running Zune under Virtualbox seems to be the best bet.

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Pretty smart trick. Thanks mate.

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Maybe one day. Haven't seen a single game yet that interest me.

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Not really a cakewalk on easy.

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That was disappointing. Well one less game to play.

Btw, i played Invisible War since my last blog. And you were absolutely right about it :) HAD to experience this myself, didn't get too far with it luckily.

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Glenmorangie or Loch Lomond. both relatively reasonable priced. At least <=12 years old. Don't mind some standard bourbon either, such as JD or JB. Although recently been more into rum's.

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Funny thing is that had those Dejobaan Games been on other side they would have probably never made it.