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I think the list of runners-up for Best Game should be numbered and linked as in previous years.

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It's weird how previous gen consoles were ignored in the "Best Console Exclusives" category. I'm not just talking about their eligibility to be nominated, but more that games also released for previous gen (e.g. Titanfall) were included in the discussion. (referring to podcast discussion)

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What's Vinny's comment referring to? Why is this video any different to the rest? Just curious.

Also was this before or after Unprofessional Fridays?

There is some discussion of certain sexual things in the video. The internet being the internet, people might try to take discussion of those sorts of things a step too far in the comments.

I came here for the naked cartoon pussy. I was told this is the site for that. Was I misinformed?

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@ironrinn said:

I'm playing this now. At the end of Act 1, when you save the sun princess, she asks your name. You shake your head and the cat (Ying Yang) sighs and says ku-TAR-o, like the princess says. So Ying Yang mispronounces your name and the princess takes that as the correct pronunciation.


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@lovespuds said:

I would urge people to play the demo, it plays even better than it looks and if you have a TV that does 3D then this game looks even more amazing with the characters and sets spring in and out of the screen.

I think I will try it in 3D. It seems like it would be a good fit.

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Why did I even bother writing that Flintheart Glomgold wiki page on here and then they didn't even use it? Ah well... Can't wait to play this!

You are being unreasonable expecting them to remember this site has a wiki.

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One of the more interesting games to come from E3 this year. Cant wait to hear more about it.

It actually came from Gamescom about a year ago.

I've been anticipating this game for a while and hope it can deliver on the tone and atmosphere. A plus if it can manage to evoke any feelings of ICO too.

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Some people don't seem to understand that the art is intentionally ridiculous and over the top.

Are you telling me that the Fighter and Dwarf characters aren't normally proportioned either?! Those dudes look pretty normal to me!