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I just have one DS4, and do have this issue with it. So far it's just the left stick.

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@chaser324 said:

asking a user to retrieve and enter their API key isn't a great option either.

I don't think it's unreasonable. It is a one-time set-up step, and you can just give them the link and have them copy/paste the key. You may dissuade very lazy users, but it's their loss. Alternatively, giving their login credentials may also scare away people.

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I get this as well when using the Esc key. I first noticed it on GameSpot when they launched their new design.

Using Firefox 27.0 on Windows 8.1

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As an added benefit for PlayStation Plus members, PS4 can automatically download game patches when in standby mode as well.

This is still something i have to pay for?!

Will PS4 be able to automatically download game patches?

Yes, all PS4 users will be able to automatically download and install game patches to their PS4. In addition, PlayStation Plus members will enjoy the ability to have those automatic downloads happen while the system is in standby mode.

It sounds like the feature is only exclusive to standby mode. Strange.

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@fobwashed: For some reason, I guess it didn't occur to me to do what you did at 0:25. So I got up to that point. It's a tactic I almost never use. If the hint would have put an X there at that time, I probably would have noticed it made sense and felt dumb, but instead it just uncovered a block somewhere. Thanks.

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@fobwashed: I don't remember the first one, but I believe the second one I encountered is the bottom-right corner of Puzzle 7. Perhaps there's a more advanced tactic I am unaware of, but I got stuck after filling in only 4 boxes and eliminating 6. For a puzzle that small, I could have gone with trial-and-error without resorting to the Hint button, but it was there and too tempting.

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I don't think there's enough interest in this thing for it to really be worth it at this point though and I wouldn't really have much to personally gain from it neither -_-;;

I personally don't care for all the color gradations. I'd rather it just show whether you've satisfied the numbers in a given row or column (not even whether they're placed correctly).

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Thx =) I thought about having a save file form but since there's no real end game and each set of puzzles is self contained, I didn't really see the point of it.

I guess the point would be if you'd solved some parts and wanted to finish it later. At least a warning that you'd lose your progress would be nice. There were 2 parts (each from a different puzzle) I found that I couldn't solve using just logic (or at least not using my normal tactics), so after encountering the first I went to another puzzle only to return disappointed that all my progress had been lost. I finished them all anyway, reluctantly using the Hint button for those 2. Thanks for entertaining me for a day.

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Awesome program. I love Picross. My main complaint would be lack of persistence between puzzles or later instances of the application. Also, I found it strange that the mouse events ignore whether the window is in focus. So I'm clicking on a window in front of it and it registers in your application. I'd also like the ability to turn the audio off.