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I remember that it used to be required, but I had recently heard Jeff talking about how he wanted to change that and that the new site would be much better about that. I didn't know they were going to change this site too, or maybe they fixed it a while ago and I never noticed.

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@Artso: No you don't, I can click to any point in the video right away.

Streaming? Progressive? Then I guess you must have a different player that I don't.

Everyone should have the same player unless you modified it with a script. Perhaps something in your cache or cookies is conflicting with it to have it always be on progressive, but that is one of the points of streaming is that you can seek anywhere at any time.

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I don't know if this is necessarily something Giant Bomb could or should fix, but I'm reporting it anyway to bring awareness. When using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on for both Chrome and Firefox, there is a "Whiskey Media (Partial)" rule that causes some elements to not load. In the meantime, you can disable this rule individually.

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@TigusVidiks: Actually, the UK just recently made PEGI their standard for video game age ratings.


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What? No! In this case it's 100% incorrect to use passed.

no it's not..

Yeah, it is. This sentence: "We've made some changes to our merchandise process that make these designs slightly less limited than they've been in the passed" is not correct.

"The anniversary of our premium membership launch has already past"

past > passed

Nope, that's wrong. The past has already passed. Can we just move past it?

no shit it's wrong, that's why it should be passed not past

Glad someone finally pointed out which past/passed you were talking about, thought you'd all gone crazy.

Well that was entertaining. Thanks for livening up my inbox more than it's been in over a year.

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@Demoskinos: You don't remember whether you saw it? Well, you could just delete your cookies for the site and click on it (again) to see what happens. That is why it works fine for you in Incognito mode, by the way -- your cookies are ignored.

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@Demoskinos: Did you go to the story that was posted up there? Like I said before, it only disappears once it considers that item 'seen'. Same happened for me last night. It showed the "Worth Reading" story until I clicked on it.

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Not showing for me in Firefox 15 on Windows 7, even after clearing my cache. Worked fine on Chrome 21 until I watched the Pid Quick Look there too. Seems like in both cases it probably has no replacement for that QL once it is considered 'seen'.

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Chloe next to one of her favorite toys