Former Video Game Journalists

This is a list of people who are no longer video game journalists and have been credited in a game, likely finding a job in the game-making side of the industry. I am using "journalist" very loosely here to mean anyone who was in the games press. This list is intended to be comprehensive, so notify me if you know of any more.

To add if/when they are credited: Alice Liang, Tina Palacios, Thierry Nguyen, Hilary Goldstein

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Posted by RagingLion

Nice idea for a list.  It would be cooler if by each person you listed the media outlet(s) these people worked for first and then the game developer(s) they've worked for since - I haven't heard of about third of these people and that would give context.

If you're including Erik Wolpaw then Chet Faliszek comes obviously to mind to complete the ex-Old Man Murray duo.

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In both cases, I thought their Giant Bomb person page would provide enough information/context. However, I suppose I shouldn't assume their relation to media would necessarily be present on their page, so I guess including the outlet(s) they worked for isn't a bad idea. As for Chet, I included Erik because of GameSpot. I've never heard of Old Man Murray, but since you pointed it out I guess that's valid.

Posted by enterthewumpus
Nick Breckon and Chris Remo formerly worked for Shacknews, (and Remo went on to work for Gamasutra) before getting jobs at Bethesda and Irrational respectively.
Neat list!
Posted by DeF

Craig Harris (formerly of IGN), now works at SEGA

Mark Bozon (formerly of IGN, then EGM) seems (?) to be working full time at his brothers company WayForward
and for some weird reason, the most famous of the old IGN bunch, Matt Cassamassina, does not have a page on Giant Bomb. He's been working for Apple since he left IGN.

Posted by DeF

oh, there are more: 
Abbie Heppe now works for Infinity Ward (as a community manager, I believe?)
Jay "Fresh" Frechette, formerly of 1UPs video team and later co-host of video game show CO-OP with Area 5 was/is community manager at Visceral Games for Dead Space 2
You could list the other Area 5 guys as well, since they are now mainly doing dev diaries and stuff for other people since CO-OP went off the web-air. (Ryan O'Donnell, Cesar Quintero, Matt Chandronait). But none of them has a page here yet, unfortunately.
Oh, and why isn't Whiskey Media mascot Gary Whitta (PC Gamer, now screenwriter and professional Apple Fanboy on the TEsted podcast)on this list? :)

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@DeF: To have a person page on Giant Bomb, one must be credited in at least one video game that is on the site.
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@Kamasama: oh right, that explains it :) thanks
though I'm sure at least Cassamassina has a credit somewhere. (His face was in GoldenEye 64, so he must at least be in the special thanks section)
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