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Have anyone from Giantbomb mention where they are doing their after hours E3 shows from this year?

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@TheCableKid: Jeff Green said something a few nights ago, about being booked with Michael Pachter for Bombcast at E3 on Monday night.

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You will be sucked.

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The organizer of the event is someone who has had breast cancer, but there numerous popular jtv casters all casting different games.

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Currently a group of Justin.tv casters are running a marathon to help raise money for research into breast cancer. Please come hang out with us all with promises of woman in tight outfits. Yes you read that last part correctly. 
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I was kind of lost until they said a girl who could turn into a spaceship. Then I was like "Aw yeah I love that game."
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Short and sweet, look at the thread title. It pretty much explains it.
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@Daryl said:
"You can get porn on your 360 thanks to Windows Media Center.  "

LOL. That's alot of work just to watch porn. 
I can watch porn on my Wii easier and faster than that.
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@DanielJW said:
"This week's podcast is all emails from what I understand. The GoTY podcast isn't until later. "

That's fine with me!
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