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Ah, and here I was hoping he had been arrested by the douche police, for grossly exceeding the doucheyness limit.

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For what its worth if things had gone the other way I at the very least would have been smilingly played my fiddle while watching the western market burn. But then how it would really play out would prolly not have been as dramatic as people make it out to be.

But, hey, one day, gods willing, I'll get to play that fiddle while basking in the glow of the ensuing inferno.

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You know what I want from for next generation SONY hardware? I want for this shit to be as painless as possible. It should be automatic and take seconds, either that or I am taking the machine off of the grid. I don't play online anyway.

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Nice animated CG movie, but what does this this have to do with video games?
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@Cretaceous_Bob: Jolly good show, lad.
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If user generated content being submitted to the holders is not legally bound to them then that is inviting a whole lot of potential trouble. From a legal point of view you cannot cover your bases enough from the potential for a noisome fellow that suddenly feels entitled and thinks they have a right to be compensated for the content that they made, and voluntarily submitted.
In short, Nintendo is not in the business of being a evil bully, that would ultimately be bad for business, just click agree.

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Wow, in the trailer they are actually trying to bill this whole overseas outsourced sequel thing as being a positive spin. 
I don't know about gamers in Japan, but over where I sit that equals the kiss of death for a Japanese franchise.

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Hey fellow console gamers, join me in a joyous celebration of the current glorious QA standards upon our cherished platforms of choice.

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It is pretty clear that with Inafune's departure the top brass are keen on cancelling this pet project of his. This whole paid demo thing reeks of the development staff desperately grasping at straws to keep the project alive. In that sense having been a launch title for the 3DS's digital distribution channel would have helped a lot. Being able to point to a healthy number of sales for a development slice would no doubt do much to convince the viability of the project, otherwise I think this thing is currently in a most precarious situation.

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