I Should...Uh...Update Sometime!

Man, with Nitrobeard being my primary focus, I've forgotten this little guy...No worries, though, I'll think of something soon to make it all better.
I'll like..
Rub Robatussin on it or something.


Combating The Backlog Conundrum

I'm a bit spastic when it comes to my gaming tastes: They'll change on a whim, and there have been many times (as my Steam profile shows fairly well) where impulse buys get the better of me. My backlog is enormous, and my patience is limited. 'Oh, I'll HAVE to get this new RPG, I heard the guy that wrote the music for the commercial has a cousin that knew a guy that worked on this game!', I'll say to myself. To be fair, as I've gotten older, this impulse has dropped considerably, but with a mix of low prices, digital distribution, and rose-tinted glasses, it's still a bit rough to kick the 'habit'. 
It's odd, because one of my favorite genres could actually help my habitual backlog growth: MMORPGS. I've played everything from Anarchy Online, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot, and more recently, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, EVE Online, and Everquest 2 (which is my current love). Now, this could do me some favors, as I'll be 1) saving money through a month (as only $15 or $30 a month could be a HUGE improvement to current next-gen spending habits, even with trade-ins), and 2) it'll give me persistent content, sugar-coated and greased up in rare loot drops and sexy equipment. It'll give me incentive to stick with one game, and one game only. Perhaps after dedicating my time to one or two games, that discipline will carry over to my console/handheld/general PC gaming habits.
What ways have you all learned to cure your backlog blues? What behaviors do you practice? Do they work? I think it's an interesting discussion, and I'm hoping one of you fine duders (or duderettes) could come up with a makeshift cure. My wallet thanks you.


Hello There, Duders!

Hey there, GiantBombers! My name's Wes, but I'm known around these here internet-parts as Kami. I'm co-creator of Nitrobeard, a freelance gaming blog with a sexy podcast (which will make a comeback within the next few weeks!), and I've been on the outskirts of this industry since 2004. My old gaming blog was hosted at 1up, but after the Ziff/UGO merger, it was time to head on to greener pastures. As I've always been a fan of the oldschool Gamespot alumni (Rich, Brad, Jeff, Ryan, Alex, Greg, Vinny), it was only proper to make GiantBomb, and the Whiskey Media family, my new home away from home!
I'm hoping to meet you fine folks, get into the most epic heated debates about nonsense, and overall have a good time. I'll be using this blog as an accompaniment to official Nitrobeard posts, so be on the lookout for random-ass remarks about anything and everything.  If you have any questions for me, or just want to chill out and talk about why sci-fi is clearly superior to other genres of anything, feel free to add me/PM me/stalk me! Okay, I'm just kidding about the stalking.