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1). The Witcher

2). Dawn of War II

3). Dawn of War II Chaos Rising

4). Dawn of War II Retribution (I bought that big THQ pack on sale for these three games and have barely touched them)

5). Amnesia

6) Bastion

7). Shadows of the Damned

8). Metro 2033

9). Hard Reset

10). Frozen Synapse

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Democrat or Republican, I think one thing we can all agree on is that Romney had creepy face real bad.

Nevermind his face, his voice made him sound like a super villain.
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@pompouspizza A little late to the party but here's a guide that has been working wonderfully for me.
Step 1: Buy an RX-7
Step 2: Put the ugliest body kit on it you can find along with giant rims (this is mostly optional but you want that sweet street cred right?)
Step 3: Upgrade tires to street with the rear at Max size and the front two sizes smaller
Step 4: Upgrade suspension and brakes all the way. Anti roll bars are optional but the rear should be stronger than the front if you opt for them. Roll cage and weight are also optional
Step 5: Upgrade the engine until your performance index is above 500. Be wary of big turbos as they can throw you off when they kick in.
Step 6: Put a two way differential on along with all other transmission upgrades.
Step 7: Switch to manual transmission. It will help
Step 8: As you approach a turn hit the A button to innate your drift. Depending on where you are in your powerband you might want to downshift as well. If you're redlining prior to iniation you should be fine otherwise you'll want to downshift so you'll have power at your wheels when they catch. From there it's just about learning when to counter steer and how much. Have fun the drifting this game is loads of fun.
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Gt is Zamericanlionz. Ill jump out of my current club if I get an invite since the race nights here fit my schedule perfectly.

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Holy shit it's an internet forum! The only thing about RPS that I dislike is the way their fans talk about reviews on other sites. The whole holier than thou because we don't have scores shit is just annoying. Scores are still a good thing if you are familiar with that author's work and tastes.

edit: I just want to point out that I don't have a problem with the RPS reviews since my comment could have been read that way.

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@ttocs: Everything about Dishonoured sounds and looks great so it's just a matter of whether they were able to execute on it. If it turned out well I'll having no problem picking it up over X-Com; I'm just not willing to pre-order it.

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It's a really tough call. I've restricted myself to two $60 games this holiday season and already blew one slot on Borderlands 2 which I've already stopped playing (absolutely loved number 1 but 2 just isn't clicking with me). I'm leaning heavily towards X-Com right now, but the QL for Dishonored will be the deciding factor for me.

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In most other cases I'd say you were going overboard complaining about something like this. However, the Sleeping Dogs cover art is way too awesome to be ruined by bullshit like this. What are they really gaining by doing this anyways?

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Ratchet and Clank, Elder Scrolls and Civilization.

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I think these games get more shit than they deserve. Yes the "humor" is horrid and all the bro-yness can be a bit much, but they are perfectly good couch co-op games. That said, I think that this game should be dumped on someone other than Visceral since they should be focusing all their efforts on the one EA property that hasn't gone to complete shit.... yet.