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I think about how Minecraft put you in the middle of an unknown landscape with a simple task and open palette. The result has been tremendous. What other games have played with the idea of "beginning" in a way that was innovative, inspired or memorable?

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@believer258: Golden. Just realized there was a separate forum for that.

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It's not lost on me how great this game is. I love so much about it, and have managed to get through a good deal of the game twice, but still have yet to beat it.

However, this game severely stresses me out for one reason. I can't quite figure out how frequently I should be going into the dungeon to fight. I feel all this pressure to build my social links and study, but I'm also nervous that I should be going around in the dungeons like every few days. I haven't figured out any way to gauge how frequently I'm supposed to spend time there knowing that there's a lot you miss if you don't handle things right outside...

Is there some kind of general guideline that I missed as far as choosing what to do with my time? I don't like using walkthroughs.

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A few good analog rounds of Settlers of Catan are perfect for the holidays.

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I love to see enthusiastic early adopters. Partially to give life to a system, and partially to make it easy for me to sit back and watch while the kinks get ironed out and I can jump on later.

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I'd let it die and pour money into R&D on a HD handheld that could beam to TV... take down the Vita with rockin library. An HD Nintendo console that was built to be portable but could look great on your big screen via stream or something.

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Play on PC, catch up on backlog.

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Look on the bright side... no one you know will know just how much time you're blowing on yer vidya games.

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Just loaded up "Enslaved" and saw my resolution was maxed at 1920 x 1080... Nuh nuh NOPE!

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@crithon: Not sure if you're indicating that you've played this one before, but I can give this one a good hard recommend.