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$92.4 million.

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Here's my guess

  • Man of Steel: $48.3 million
  • Monsters University: $87.8 million
  • World War Z: $67.4 million
  • Total: $203.5 million
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Minecraft is the god of all podcast games. Recently I've been rolling through the backlog of My Brother, my Brother, and Me whilst playing either Minecraft XBox or Trials Evolution.

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I placed my order earlier got it in time for the base game and the expansion. I've got Prime and I'm hoping it gets here in time for my friends going-away party.

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If you've got an Xbox all of the endurance runs are up on youtube. If you searched you could probably even find a pre-built playlist.

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I think a Minecraft TNT would be interesting if they did it like the Dead Island TNT. All four of them playing in one world.

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Yeah this game is pretty good. It looks like you owe your friend some money duder.

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I played Maya at Pax East and I really liked the Phaselocking, it was way more useful than I though. Alas one of the people I'm playing with has already said that they want to be Maya so I'm going to go with Axton for my first playthrough.

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