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No. But it is fun once you get the hang of the janky controls and get over the graphic novel style cutscenes. Other MGS games barely make references to it and the story leaves a bit to be desired. But the Frank Jaeger (Null/Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja) bit is kind of cool if you liked the Ninja character in MGS1.

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@pyrodactyl: I played through Peace Walker on the 360 (I didn't ever play the PSP version) and LOVED it. Didn't quite get it at first (it's structurally a little different than the other MGS games) but, once I did, I fell in love with it. The port is great, too. Controls are really tight and the dual analogue worked wonders. Can't imagine playing it with only one PSP stick!

Did you ever play Portable Ops? The gameplay is somewhat close to PW, but PW is by far the superior game. I also missed out on playing the PSP version (PSP was stolen), but I was super impressed with the 360 version and enjoyed every moment well after earning all 1000 gamerscore. The multiplayer is fantastic, but I think the 3v3 leaves you wanting a more players.

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As most of you are aware by now, Konami will be shutting down the MGO servers on 12 June, 2012. I admit, I haven't played the game since launch in 2008, but I enjoyed every minute and hour I poured into the online portion of Metal Gear Solid 4. So I'm attempting to create an effort to join any of you fellow duders who also enjoyed the game to play the game from now until the final moments. So if you are interested, please post your PSN ID. I will update the list within the next week (6 days at the latest), and try to get everyone organized. My PSN ID is KoduX, if anyone is interested.