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@SuperSambo: @Kandycane2029: so my only options are personal ads for fat guys, or slipping mickies?

Put both of those together and you've got a recipe for date rape (don't do this). But yeah, I'd probably say those are your only alternatives.

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How do you people have time for all this jogging/running? You guys have hours a week to spend running no where?

yeah, really. all my time is taken up working, sleeping and playing video games. no running for me. unless i'm being chased by a bear or something. and if that happens, i'm guessing i won't be running for very long.

You just have to be faster than your friends. Also, always take a slow friend with your when camping.

good points. any advice for someone who is probably "the slow friend" in their group? other than exercising enough to become not the slow friend, of course.

Find a way to trip them and slow them down.

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I believe it was a limited run.

Edit: Maybe not, just checked the store, it appears to be in there.

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I rented it, having no previous knowledge or experience with the 40k universe, and really enjoyed it. Though the only thing that got on my nerves quickly was the constant shouting of "SHPACE MUHREEN!" every time you encountered an enemy group.

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Meh. Not a fan of the guy, really. I never took X-Play or anything he did seriously. Good luck to him in the future, I guess.

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Can't say it matters to me. That said, chubby girls are more adorable anyway, so maybe my answer is skewed.

I'd have to agree with this. My most recent ex looks like she needs to eat a sandwich or ten.

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Yes, even if you're getting a console version. I've played on 360 since launch and I'm still enjoying it.

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I'm inside the states and don't care if that's relevant.

What he said.


What they said.

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I always used Garrus and Tali, so I kinda lucked out.

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@bighat_logan: True, just read about that a couple hours ago. I'll probably give a try at some point.