i want some free things, do you?

so a friend told me to do surveys on this site every few days so i can save up points for free 2 months of WoW, i signed up and he got enough points for diablo 2 lol, this site has alot of great rewards, and its pretty easy to use, just read the description of them, anyways , please click this click, register and do some surveys so i can get some points, i might share with you =)

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New PC!

Hi all, finally got a new pc, its not great...in fact its pretty bad. only 256mb of ram? integrated graphic card? lame, but it works for maplestory, and i also re-installed Gears of war for my other pc, cant believe i quit playing it. my b-day isent far away, 31st! w00t! hopefully get me a new guitar or a sound system for my ps3, oh yeah, haven't been online ps3 much because its back upstairs, im gonna try and find a way to hook it up, but don't expect me online anytime soon =\ also, feel free to add me on MSN; sunnysburnteggs@hotmail.com  or on myspace; www.myspace.com/wolfiethefox  or face book; Kaine Crampton


trouble in paradise

So, i bought burnout paradise a few days ago, intime for trophies and bikes, and let me just say, this is probably the greatest racing ever made....for people without anger problems.... I just got the trophy for driving 750 miles, but I went about 50 SwPS (swear words per second) I cannot tell you how much it pisses me off when i wreck in a race, or when Im in first and take a wrong turn, there seriously needs to be a retry button, oh well, im already B licsense and 10 wins from A, jesus, im probably gunna break my TV before i get the Burnout license, MY knuckles are already swollen from punching my tv, oh fuck, guess i gotta go play some more of it, bye


Soo, update?

Hi, not much has happened, i ordered my megapedal, so im still playing with a snapped pedal, still getting 95%s tho so whateve, oh and for the past 3 years iv been doing school online, but i managed to break a deal for a laptop if i go back to regular school, so i guess i gotta go back in a week or so, fucking lame, am not looking forward to it at all, also i have decided what to buy next month, resistance fall of man and burnout paradise. also heres what i plan to piurchase for the whole year, add rockband 2, a new HDD and 3 controllers plus the new keyboard add-on. have fun reading...i dident typing it
Death Magnetic - Metallica

Live in LBC & Diamonds in the rough - Avenged sevenfold

Chinese Democracy - Guns n Roses (mabey)


Little Big Planet


Guitar Hero World Tour
Fallout 3

Resistence 2

Mortal Kombat vs DC universe

Call of Duty: World At War

Mirrors Edge

Naruto ultimate ninja storm

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