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I really won't have time to play this soon, but this is probably going to be one of the incredibly rare times I buy something because I want to support it just as much as much as I want to play it. And don't get me wrong, I definitely want to play it.

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Devin Townsend is all you really need. Throw in his Strapping Young Lad stuff and it covers multiple styles of metal as well. The best. Start with Ocean Machine, Epicloud, and Deconstruction, that's a fairly wide variety of what he's done. Funny enough my favorite albums from him aren't really metal (Ki and Casualties of Cool).

Type O Negative if awesome. Like someone took a loving homage to Sabbath and The Beatles and put it on steroids and then gave it supernatural powers, but the resulting monstrosity is prone to fits of sadness and rage. Not to mention their subtle humor here and there is legitimately funny.

Testament is probably the best of the Bay Area metal bands that hit in the early/mid 80's that is still going strong today. The most recent album is kind of meh but the vast majority of their stuff is very good, ranging from the thrash-y stuff from the first several years (-85 through early 90's):up through the more recent offerings (mid 90's-now), which were much heavier but still incredibly listenable.

Not my favorite or anything, but as far as "classics" I can definitely appreciate Maiden. They put together some really great music, I've just never been too hot on the yowling vocals thing.

Saw Sabaton earlier this year. Have only heard a couple albums but they were decent.

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Hello: The Master Chef Collection

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Great to hear the new content is interesting! Too bad they lock it behind fucking ridiculous level and friend-joining requirements. What a waste. I've been playing it constantly since it came out and I'm only at 22, and have zero friends anywhere near the required level.

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@deadpanjazman said:

Great, so now I'm getting Farcry, GTA and WWE all on the same day. I mean, the phrase first world problems comes to mind, but still, how the heck am I gunna manage that?

Well, GTA V is a pretty version of the same game that was out last year, WWE is essentially a prettier version of the same game as last year based on the videos I've seen, and Far Cry 4 is kinda-sorta new. At least you can prioritize, maybe?

...unless you didn't play GTA or WWE last year, then I'm kind of useless. I can't do nothin' for ya man. Flavor Flav got problems of his own.

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Hustle, Loyalty, Delays

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I've had the no audio bug occasionally, haven't had to load another game or anything through. If I "go home" and then just resume it has fixed itself every time for me if I recall correctly.

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Typical Microsoft move. Why spend that money making original IP when you can just throw money at an already existing one?

I know this is supposed to be a dig at Microsoft or whatever, but really, who fucking cares? They aren't taking it away from competing platforms. It's something they are buying because they feel it will make them money. Acting like MS is awful for buying into something they think will make a nice profit for them is horseshit.

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It's got to be between Titanfall and Watch Dogs I'd think. I don't know how early the GB crew started souring on Watch Dogs but it had HUGE hype at one point pretty much across the board.

Then there's Titanfall, oh Titanfall, the game that was going to re-revolutionize console FPS games and everyone was done with two weeks after it coming out.

Titanfall was a perfectly fine game. There was nothing that was going to revolutionize anything. It was the next thing from the CoD creators, and that's what it was. GB (Jeff?) had it right, it's a 4-star game. Nothing revolutionary but very solid for what it was.

Don't know if you're referring to PC or what, but I still have zero issues finding a game to join on X1.


I'd vote Watch Dogs, mostly because what it appeared it would be at first compared to what actually came out on shelves was so underwhelming. Destiny was disappointing, but the game was so shrouded in mystery (even up until launch) that it was hard to get overly excited for it, unless someone is just a huge Bungie nut or whatever. I've been playing the thing for a week now and I still have questions about it.

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I've played the hell out of this game for the past week and I'm only at 21. Game is already fairly thin on content, keeping something like this behind not only a (extremely high) level wall, but a "you have to know 5 people with the game" wall is ridiculous.