Best Games of 2011

I am going to give some honorable mentions to a couple games up here.

Duke Nukem Forever - I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever despite it's performance issues. I decided to support this game not for the game or the character, but for Gearbox, the developer of one of my favorite games, Borderlands.

Terraria - Terraria was on this list for a bit, but I have to be a specific mood to play it, so it got the cut.

Minecraft - Like Terraria I have to be in a specific mood to play and enjoy Minecraft, but seeing as how I've been playing it since November of 2010, I didn't quite feel comfortable including it on this list. And, looking back on my top 10 games from last year, I don't think that at the time I could have put it in my Top 10.

Anyway, keep in mind that I am a college student of limited time and budget, so a lot of AAA games I unfortunately did not get to play. As such, this list is comprised mostly of smaller downloadable games. Enjoy!

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