Assassin's Creed 2

So I just finished this... definitely better than 1, I love the style of these games. I also think the game ended well, which is a feat few games accomplish these days. 4 stars and definately worth playing. Will be watching for brother hood in the 20 dollar range to pick up on to the witcher. 


Just Cause

is good, but not great. Its like the first one just less buggy and a bit prettier. Still having fun with it though.


I've got the Touch

Wow, I can happily say that "The Touch" is a lot of fun to play...typically we break out the Rock Band when folks come over, but I think its going to be time for some GH so I can introduce everyone to the best cartoon movie 80s rock song ever!



Enjoying inFamous so the crackdowny parts, though I must admit I think the controls are a little unwieldy...have a hard time remembering when I use what trigger, which inevitably leads to me blowing my load when I mean to be charging up.


Woo hoo! I wrote a blog post!

I finally finished the main story in Fallout 3 last night, best game of last year by far...had to retry the ending a couple times, for some reason the first time when I sacrificed myself the game said I didnt follow my fathers footsteps...still dont get it. Sent in Fawkes the second time so I could keep on playing broken steel :)