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Overall I'm pretty happy. Got Scarlet witch to 11, at first she was a bit boring but it has been much more enjoyable once I got more powers unlocked. I probably wouldn't care for it that much if it was a generic IP, but good application of the IP + decent gameplay works. How long I stay with it will depend on new content, character drop rates and/or character prices coming down.

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So I just finished this... definitely better than 1, I love the style of these games. I also think the game ended well, which is a feat few games accomplish these days. 4 stars and definately worth playing. Will be watching for brother hood in the 20 dollar range to pick up soon...now on to the witcher. 

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hardcore. So far it hasn't been too bad, but having the mercenary pack from best buy helps a lot. I'm hoping it will keep the game from becoming super easy at higher levels.

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Jeanne D'arc is the best game on the PSP IMHO. Besides that, a lot of middling RPGs (have not playing P3P on PSP, was awesome on PS2).

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@End_Boss: What quest are you talking about?
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is good, but not great. Its like the first one just less buggy and a bit prettier. Still having fun with it though.

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Has anyone heard anything regarding a DLC schedule for this game?

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It's great. I have had a lot more fun with it than I have ever had actually playing magic against real people.
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Wow, I can happily say that "The Touch" is a lot of fun to play...typically we break out the Rock Band when folks come over, but I think its going to be time for some GH so I can introduce everyone to the best cartoon movie 80s rock song ever!

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Enjoying inFamous so far...like the crackdowny parts, though I must admit I think the controls are a little unwieldy...have a hard time remembering when I use what trigger, which inevitably leads to me blowing my load when I mean to be charging up.

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